SINGTANK is first the story of a brother and sister : Joséphine et Alexandre de La Baume. These young parisians, followed by a rythm section of international reputation (with australian bassist Andrew Woodhead) are recording a first album with Alan O’Connell and Nellee Hooper (Radiohead, Massive Attack, The Smashing Pumpkins, Madonna, U2 etc).

SINGTANK is a refreshing cocktail, mixing the best of the 60's songwriting (from the Kinks to Nick Drake, Harry Nilsson to Bowie) with the 90's Indie


She sings and plays the piano. He, the intelligent artist-like mind, also sings while playing the electronic keyboards and guitars.
The sister writes. The brother composes.
The French Touch reflects their origin, while their Brit Pop accent reveals their ambitions. Singtank, thanks to this subtle mix that is neither too retro nor too hero-like, is a vocation created to restore a French musical dandyism style with the best that Anglo-Saxons have to offer.
The label of this French duo was achieved through the brightness of the greatest contributions. When the musical Pantheon of such a young group is composed of names such as Nellee Hooper (Massive Attack, Björk, U2, Madonna) or Alan O'Connell (Placebo, Gossip), who produced the album that should be released in early 2012, we can only await impatiently for the digital EP, which should be released on the 31st of October.
In the meantime, let's take advantage of this first single. Intoxicating, full of motion, the title betrays itself: in The Party, youth witnesses a rare form of maturity through a resolutely modern song whose groove from the sixties, which will never go out of fashion, is insolently subjected to two young persons' extravagant ways.