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Sinis is a rapper whose sound alone can draw listeners. With his independent double CD release "Sinis presents Porn Music the mixtape and Porn Music the money shot" (in association with Shattered Iconz) he is sure to be the most versatile, up and coming solo artist/emcee of the new era.


At twelve years old he copied, memorized, and recited the lyrics to KRS-one's verse to a hip-hop classic titled 'Self Destruction' and immediately knew that this music was in his soul. Throughout the years, that diligent boy has grown into arguably one of the best lyricists and underground artists today.

Besides local battles, appearances on mixtapes, open mics, shows, collaborations, and freestyle sessions on college radio throughout the central Connecticut area, Sinis didn't officially begin his rap career until he signed along with his cousin and partner in rhyme Baff to Urban Ikon; an independent label out of White Plains, NY.

The deal has left Sin with a bad taste in his mouth and at the end of this year all ties with this label are unbound.
"It was more of a loyalty thing on my part." stated Sinis about the signing of the deal.
"I had been with Baff my whole career up to this point and I didn't want to sell out on him, but not even a year into it we both realized we could have done this shit ourselves and it set us back almost 3 years. U.N.I.T. will always be with me, but it's time to make my own moves and see what I could make of this experience." And in this past year that is exactly what this Hard Hittin' New Britain native has been feverishly doing.

In the beginning of March '06 he hooked up with Dan Warren AKA 40Barz and CEO of Shattered Iconz in an attempt at starting his solo career. He immediately established a partnership with the veteran emcee and here he developed his own entity in I-N-I entertainment. "I had met 40 Barz from members in my circle and remembered about a 2 hour freestyle session one night in the lab that I had with the guy; I always saw myself working with him, because he's constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts."

In April '06 he cut an underground mixtape under the I-N-I/Shattered Iconz realm that he called 'The I-N-I Movement' which perfectly portrays his versatility and shows what he would sound like amongst an array of mainstream artists and their hits ranging from 50 Cent's "In My Hood" to Pussy Cat Dolls "How Many Lies, How Many Times?"
The following week or so Baff and his Halfway House Recordings Label released a mixtape hosted by DJ K-Smooth called "Up and Comin'" which appears Sinis on 99% of the project.

Sinis currently presents his first solo project of two cd's titled "Porn Music the Mixtape and Porn Music the Moneyshot" the first consisting of Sinis' original songs on industry beats and the second of both original songs and original beats. Sinis explains, "What I had originally done about a year ago was an album that I called 'Jeremiah Clark in Porn Music' that I had done everything on from the production to the writing. I felt that at the time it was hot and some of the songs had potential to really do something, but my beats were pretty left field and it was lacking something. So 40 and I decided to revamp the album using hand picked industry beats that fit well with each song. Then you add some originals from Jack Nicklez, Scott Storch, and RockWilder and we got ourselves a double LP."

Undoubtedly, more has happened for the free agent in the last three months than it did as a signed artist in the last three years.
Nonetheless he still keeps his composure and says, "I'll just take it one verse at a time."


Hard/ Kick Push remix

Written By: Sinis

remember from dayone
Ever since I gripped that pen
Writin sixteens at twelve
I was a kid back then
you should see how I lived back when
No lights no heat
and you wonder why I sip that hen
No beat, I would still rap then
spit that gem
Have rappers in the stands stans
get that Em?
Came through onto Smooth
Spit great had a groove
Mixtapes on the move
Had a big kinda crew
Went from 8 down to 4
three down to two
Me and Baff held the "U"
Tron bounced it was cool
But even before the deal we had to deal
with the ups and downs of this whole underground spill
and thats real
hard to eat a meal
when you can't get that local love
hard to get it still
Petty beef from rapper tryin to get at me
So naturally Im dissin them heads who try matchin me
Your majesty, he was right all along
so I'm wipin off the tears to this song
gotta stay strong

Please believe
what I'm tryin to tell you
It's so hard, It's so hard
To succeed, believe
what I'm tryin to tell you
It's so hard, It's so hard

I could take you even further
Drugs money sex and murder
problems get met with the burner
comin up I had to learn that
people are scandalous tryin to earn
a couple of dollars, from this industry the herbed up
Me, I maintain
Try to switch the game up
Went from Ju-Man to Sinis
Had to switch the name up
Minority G's but they ain't see the vision Slim
Oooh Yeah could of been one of the illest hymns
Now I'm thinkin damn
Things were really different then
Wasn't bout the spinnin rims and bullshit writtens man
But it's what sells and it's selfish
and they can't help but tell it to all who felt it
Like the starstruck groupies addicted to the image
Me, I'd rather hit em with diction and make em listen
So don't tell me what you think is hot
Cuz as long as I'm on they gonna think you not
lets go

Da Xclusive

Written By: Sinis

Either way the flow you gotta respect it
Can't step to em wit fresh kicks
Rappers get mad and talk Jazz like they roll with the Fresh Prince
Or talk a good game like the castors on ESPN
Nah, I'm not a pastor or reverend
I'm just a rapper whose blessed with lyrics like I'm trapped in a session
And you could get slapped in progression
Or get clapped with the Wesson
Somebody get his ass some Excedrin
The Fregow of the albums
Straight prick of the mixtapes
Condenow of the singles
Take sips of the squished grapes
Grown man on, it's so damn wrong
How I pop cherries like bitches got no tampons
Clams casino, damn if she know
If she ride and sip gin, like she roll wit chinos
And got her like aye que lindo
Cuz she heard me on a reggaeton beat wit latin lingo

Now what I want you to do is
Listen to the sound
Cuz this shits exclusive
Right now
What I want you to do is
Listen to the sound
Cuz this shits exclusive (Let em' Know Sin)

Grippin the mic like you really insultin the kid
Talkin tough like incredible Hulks to your lips
Gotta be drunk, Like I won't put the hawk to your ribs
Consultin your bitch, Havin fatherly talks wit ya kids
Lava saliva, Marksman with the awesomest spit
Click-clack crack writtens
CD'll cost you a brick
And it's raw papa, correct spit proper
Polaka sip vodka, then want Sin keilbasa
Haha, Hilarious various artists
guest appearin on ya album, but makin it more garbage
shit, you makin me more nauseous
Say whatever's on the brain then fragrantly go off it
Proceed cautiously,
cuz if I have to touch down it's a sure thing like Moss's cleets
It's starts wit beef
Then somebody sparks the heat
And end's in the ER wit the longest beep, now


I'm the most versatile
So people are gonna love it
You jot in notebooks, but stickin to one subject
Who gonna touch it
What a gwon?, buggin
Wit my yardees at the party
Got the Sean Paul pumpin'
Thumpin you out
Gohead and keep runnin yo mouth
Thought you was so gassed
now we got the pump to ya spouse
And she used to gettin pumped in the mouth
She was givin me tonsils,
pulled out and wiped my children on her blouse
On the low though
Don't kiss and tell
I just show boat
Varsity coat, polo, peep the I-N-I logo
Mmmmhmmm, nuff said
How you in a coupe or drop
I saw you at the stop waitin for the bus kid
I'm gettin childish...ahh freestyle this
Keep my chick like my whip
Hot body low mileage
Your co-signers smilin'
He like how Sinis spit
Wanna be my hype man
Gotta fix your penmanship


I'm sirius fuck sensorship
Changin the album title
I'm bout to call it hip hop apprenticeship
I schooled you
You acted a fool
Now your just askin to lose
So I gotta write your detention slip
Arroyo with the flow
Take it to the U.S.
Son I am the news like Huey Lewis
Watch how he do this
Pok helped me through this
Watch a little bluish
Dyman stayed the coolest

Just Won't Heal

Written By: Sinis

Dear loved one,
You don't know how much I'm hurtin
And can't get over the fact...
your lost for certain
They tell me to pray,
Doesn't seem to be workin'/
Cuz it will never be,
like when I saw you in person
Remember we,
had some great times together
Those memories,
I'll put them in my mind forever/
Remove the bad
and all the arguments we had/
Focus on the laughs,
but it still makes me sad/
And we all cry,
cuz we can't accept you went away/
But everyday
I realize you in a better place/
Yet I'm still empty
and it still gets me
CUz I hate the way you left me/
And I wish
that I could have one more hug
One more kiss
One last goodbye from your lips//
So get back lemme know what your up to
Sincerely yours,
P.S. I love you

And it won't heal the fact that your gone now and its so real
and may you rest in piece this is my letter to you hope you get this please

Dear loved one,
Take away all of your pain
Yeah I miss you,
But I'm with you and it's hard to explain
Even harder to see you cry
cuz I can't make you... laugh
and feel the warmth from the hug i gave you
I show up in your dreams
there I know you could see me
And tell you that I'm good
I just hope you believe me
And hope you keep prayin',
Cuz I hear those clearly/
And have nothin to fear
cuz your right here near me...Feel me?/
You know I'm lookin down from above
And our family and friends who passed on send they love
I'm not there in the flesh
you can't understand, how
it makes you feel better,
I'm in God's hands now/
And I'm wishin
one day you'll feel my hugs
and my kisses
and hear my voice in the distance//
Of course you know I'll come through soon
Sincerely yours,
P.S. I love you 2


K-Smooth/Assassination Day 1999., U.N.I.T./Under No Individual Terms 2000., K-Smooth/Judgement Day 2000., U.N.I.T/Untitled 2003-04., OBL/Dirt, Gravel, and Grime 2003-04., 860, Halfway House/Stop the Hate 2005., DJ Stress/Tunnel Vision 2005., Halfway House/Up and Comin' 2006., Shattered Iconz/When The Need Drops 2006., K-Smooth/Armageddon Begins 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/The I-N-I Movement 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/Sign Hear 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/Sinis presents Porn Music the Mixtape and Porn Music the Moneyshot 2006.

Up and Coming Projects: "Dope Emcees" w/ Pat Bernetti and 40Barz,
Sinis presents "The iPod Masterpieces (9th Wonder Edition) in association w/ Shattered Iconz", Sinis presents "Sin-Hova the Black Album in association w/ Shattered Iconz", "Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep inspired by Jack Nickelz"
Sinis presents "The iPod Masterpieces (The lost pages with J-Dilla) in association w/ Shattered Iconz.

Producers: Winchesta Heat, Jack Nickelz, DJ Stress, K-Smooth, Pat Bernetti, Emile, RockWilder*,Scott Storch*, & 9th Wonder*.
*production based on promotional use only

Set List

A Typical Set List:
I-N-I Movement SINtro 1:38
"Hard"/Kick Push Remix 3:03
"Tilt Ya Fitted" 2:06
"Exclusive" 4:17
"Just Won't Heal" 3:07
Approximately 15 minutes.

One set per performance.
Songs may be added or subtracted depending on time frame.