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Sinis is an unsigned artist.

No Solo Press Reviews at this time. - E.Sanchez

"Album Capsules- Serge Entertainment"

U.N.I.T. - Untitled
Urban Ikon
The debut from Connecticut rappers Sinis and Baff, collectively known as U.N.I.T. harkens to roots rappers like Too Short and the Gheto Boys, with a touch of Tu-Pac's stylings. This duo is highly talented both in the avenues of their street smart lyrics and the poignant way they convey them in harmonic hip hop unity. With tasty sampling and embellishments that honor their Puerto Rican heritage, U.N.I.T. has created a fresh voice in rap by respecting their roots. URL: E-mail:

- Mark E. Waterbury

""Untitled" is Bangin just like Anytime-Anyplace!"

"Untitled" is Bangin just like Anytime-Anyplace (my CD)! I've got to have Baff & Sinis on my next CD. Hot Spitters, no doubt.
- T-Rivers

""True True" is a radio favorite at my college."

I saw these boyz perform cuts off of their CD in New Britain, CT. They brought the house down. "True True" is a radio favorite at my college.
- Tony Mann

"True Talent! Urban Ikon, Inc. is lucky to have them...."

You are sure to find at least one track, if not two, three or more, to call your favorite on this album. U.N.I.T. taps in to all different types of music. A hip-hop foundation, with incredible lyrics, you'll catch something new with each listen, sound effects, lyrical phrases, guitar licks, bass slides and fills, drum fills, keyboard sounds. If you're a fan of any type of music, there's a lot to like about this CD. Very highly recommended. - Mary Reid

"Lots of love for the "Untitled" CD."

U.N.I.T.'s sound is an amazing compilation of different musical influences! See Baff & Sinis live and feel the energy! Know the words and join in the vibe! Lots of love for the "Untitled" CD. - Dj Mack Daddie

"We can't wait for the rest of the world to meet you!!!!"

This CD can be enjoyed by people of all ages, cultures and lifestyles. Great mixes for head bobbing, feet flopping, arm raising, shoulders shrugging, fingers snapping, hands clapping. The lyrics are all feel good and uplifting. It is apparent that this group preforms from the heart. Love the blend of Hip-Hop (East, West, Midwest, South). Can't wait to see a live preformance. New Britain, CT is lucky to have you. We can't wait for the rest of the world to meet you!!!! - Power 104.1 FM Family

"These boyz are doing it big."

"Untitled" is proof that creative Hip-Hop CD's can be made. "Now-A-Dayz" is my favorite track.

- Russell (The Hip-Hop News)

"Music from the heart."

The Bling-Bling days are over. This CD is filled with real lyrics, based on real experiences. - Billy Woods

"Classic Hip-Hop Music!"

Based on the "Untitled" CD, Baff & Sinis are the two newest members of the klub. "True True" is the current klub favorite.
- DJ Nice (Hot Spitters Klub) - London, England


K-Smooth/Assassination Day 1999., U.N.I.T./Under No Individual Terms 2000., K-Smooth/Judgement Day 2000., U.N.I.T/Untitled 2003-04., OBL/Dirt, Gravel, and Grime 2003-04., 860, Halfway House/Stop the Hate 2005., DJ Stress/Tunnel Vision 2005., Halfway House/Up and Comin' 2006., Shattered Iconz/When The Need Drops 2006., K-Smooth/Armageddon Begins 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/The I-N-I Movement 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/Sign Hear 2006., I-N-I&Shattered Iconz/Sinis presents Porn Music the Mixtape and Porn Music the Moneyshot 2006.

Up and Coming Projects: "Dope Emcees" w/ Pat Bernetti and 40Barz,
Sinis presents "The iPod Masterpieces (9th Wonder Edition) in association w/ Shattered Iconz", Sinis presents "Sin-Hova the Black Album in association w/ Shattered Iconz", "Wake Up and Go Back to Sleep inspired by Jack Nickelz"
Sinis presents "The iPod Masterpieces (The lost pages with J-Dilla) in association w/ Shattered Iconz.

Producers: Winchesta Heat, Jack Nickelz, DJ Stress, K-Smooth, Pat Bernetti, Emile, RockWilder*,Scott Storch*, & 9th Wonder*.
*production based on promotional use only


Feeling a bit camera shy


At twelve years old he copied, memorized, and recited the lyrics to KRS-one's verse to a hip-hop classic titled 'Self Destruction' and immediately knew that this music was in his soul. Throughout the years, that diligent boy has grown into arguably one of the best lyricists and underground artists today.

Besides local battles, appearances on mixtapes, open mics, shows, collaborations, and freestyle sessions on college radio throughout the central Connecticut area, Sinis didn't officially begin his rap career until he signed along with his cousin and partner in rhyme Baff to Urban Ikon; an independent label out of White Plains, NY.

The deal has left Sin with a bad taste in his mouth and at the end of this year all ties with this label are unbound.
"It was more of a loyalty thing on my part." stated Sinis about the signing of the deal.
"I had been with Baff my whole career up to this point and I didn't want to sell out on him, but not even a year into it we both realized we could have done this shit ourselves and it set us back almost 3 years. U.N.I.T. will always be with me, but it's time to make my own moves and see what I could make of this experience." And in this past year that is exactly what this Hard Hittin' New Britain native has been feverishly doing.

In the beginning of March '06 he hooked up with Dan Warren AKA 40Barz and CEO of Shattered Iconz in an attempt at starting his solo career. He immediately established a partnership with the veteran emcee and here he developed his own entity in I-N-I entertainment. "I had met 40 Barz from members in my circle and remembered about a 2 hour freestyle session one night in the lab that I had with the guy; I always saw myself working with him, because he's constantly thinking of new ideas and concepts."

In April '06 he cut an underground mixtape under the I-N-I/Shattered Iconz realm that he called 'The I-N-I Movement' which perfectly portrays his versatility and shows what he would sound like amongst an array of mainstream artists and their hits ranging from 50 Cent's "In My Hood" to Pussy Cat Dolls "How Many Lies, How Many Times?"
The following week or so Baff and his Halfway House Recordings Label released a mixtape hosted by DJ K-Smooth called "Up and Comin'" which appears Sinis on 99% of the project.

Sinis currently presents his first solo project of two cd's titled "Porn Music the Mixtape and Porn Music the Moneyshot" the first consisting of Sinis' original songs on industry beats and the second of both original songs and original beats. Sinis explains, "What I had originally done about a year ago was an album that I called 'Jeremiah Clark in Porn Music' that I had done everything on from the production to the writing. I felt that at the time it was hot and some of the songs had potential to really do something, but my beats were pretty left field and it was lacking something. So 40 and I decided to revamp the album using hand picked industry beats that fit well with each song. Then you add some originals from Jack Nicklez, Scott Storch, and RockWilder and we got ourselves a double LP."

Undoubtedly, more has happened for the free agent in the last three months than it did as a signed artist in the last three years.
Nonetheless he still keeps his composure and says, "I'll just take it one verse at a time."