Sin Is In

Sin Is In


Sin Is In is for everyone. From hip hop to rock, soul to reggae, we bring it all when we get on stage. Our unique style incorporates over 50 songs including covers and originals. We play music that is clearly a new style, but with an oldschool sound that is pleasing to just about anyone.


Born head-first from a continuously shifting flux of many multi-talented area musicians, Sin Is In has become the red-hot rockin' quintet it is today with the combined talents of Sindee Gibson, Chris Castell, Danny Beck and Josh Harnois. The music they bring to the stage and studio is a passionately funked-out fusion of hip-hop, soul, jazz, rock and reggae, bringing pleasing tunes and head-bobbing rhythm to your ears. Influenced by the cream of musical artists from all over the map such as Regina Spektor, Hub from the Roots, John Coltrane, Radiohead, Amy Winehouse, Bootsy Collins and Fiona Apple, Sin Is In's home-grown, blues-tinged sound slithers soulfully into your eardrums and sears it's seductive melodies permanently into your cortex.


Sin Is In - 2008

Set List

We can play up to a four hour set, which includes over 2 hours of original music.

1. The Mambo Song
2. Anymore
3. These Days
4. a) Rapper's Delite (Sugarhill Gang)
b) Another One Bites the Dust (Queen)
5. Seven Nation Army (The White Stripes)
6. Just the Devil
7. Before
8. My Man
9. Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (Bill Withers)
10. Sway
11. Paranoid Android (Radiohead)
12. The Lowest Point
13. Fade Away
14. Whoodafunkit?!?!?!
15. Misty
16. You Got me (The Roots)
17. Sinfully Sweet
18. Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
19. Tried it Alright
20. Blues in G
21. Anti-Gravity (Incubus)
22. What Are You Gonna Do?
23 . You Know I'm No Good (Amy Winehouse)
24 . Negative Space

Other Originals Include

1. A Phoney
2. Lucid Dreams
3. Shamelessly Convincing
4. Picture
5. Fade Away (Jazz Version)
6. Take All Night
7. Blinded In Time
8. The Dysfunctional Me
9. My Ace (Blues in F)
10. Catastraphe
11. Dover Blues

Covers Include

1. Amy Winehouse - You Kn