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"Talking Metal podcast"

Sinister Fate's track "Days of Darkness" was featured on the "Talking Metal" podcast, Episode #215. Talking Metal can also be seen on the Fuse channel.
- Talking Metal

""13" demo review"

Sinister Fate has been around for a while now and has been through a number of roster changes, now finally settled with the current lineup; they have banged out a 3 track demo that is actually pretty decent. The Vocals of David bates are good although very reminiscent of Alice Cooper, but he belts out the songs with power and passions and a lot can be said for that.

The Hunger is an alright song, out of the three it's ranks third as far as I'm concerned and that only because the whole gothic vampire song has been done a few too many times. I have nothing against Vampire lore, I wanted to be Count Dracula when I was a kid, but there's only so much you can do in a song. Musically it's a solid song though. Fairytale Love is your typical Goth Rock love song, complete with hints of filthy fetishes and the corruption of the innocent girl next door, which is always fun right? The last track is The Cadavers Tale, this is definitely the shining star of the demo, and it's a very catchy tune, almost to the point of being poppy (just almost), if it weren't for the flesh eating zombie lyrics these guys would have a radio single on their hands.

The 13 demo is good but after three or four listens it just becomes background noise, but it is just a demo. I look forward to hearing some other stuff from Sinister Fate, they seem to have a firm hold on what they want their all about and from a technical standpoint the demo sounds pretty well done. I wish these guys nothing but the best.
- lithium radio

"Sinister Fate Interview"

“We live for Halloween, it’s our Christmas.” I guess that can be expected when you’re one of the areas hottest up and coming shock rock bands. Sinister Fate has been around for quite a while now, but it took Dave Bates a while to get the right mix of members. We recently met up at a taco stand to find out has the band’s been doing and what their Halloween plans are.

Dave Muller: How long has the band been playing together?

Dave Bates: Sinister Fate has been around for 2 or 3 years, but the current line up came together in February of 2007. Personally, I think everything before that was just a failed experiment. I needed to find band members that were down with what I was trying to do. They had to be cool with the concept of theatrical rock, wearing makeup, big stage theatrics, and props. It’s hard because a lot of bands today don’t really put on a show.

Evil D: Yes, that’s something that we talked about a lot, our stage show. We put a lot into our live show, and we’re definitely not boring on stage.

Karlov: We’re still working things out. It helps that we found out really quick that we’re all on the same page, and we all like the same kinds of bands.

Dave Bates: Plus, we’re all horror movie buffs. We all have a very peculiar sense of humor. What we try to do when we play a live show is leave a lasting impression. Whether they like us or hate us, as long as we leave an impression, they’ll remember us.

Dave Muller: I’ve noticed that you all seem to get along together very well.

Karlov: Dave is one of the few frontmen that I’ve seen in person that really interacts with the crowd. Even if they’re not into it, he’ll do the same stuff regardless. I think that makes a good impression on them.

Evil D: The three of us click together really well, and as a band we’re really tight. Things just keep getting better every time we play. Karlov is one of the best guitar players I’ve played with.

Karlov: All three of us are really into the idea of the band as a whole. We all want to do a better show to make the band look good, and not just one of us.

Evil D: There are no egos in the band, I think that’s what separates us from a lot of other bands.

Karlov: We definitely have a really good chemistry with each other, and I think that’s evidenced in the way we write songs. We’ll just start jamming and play a new song all the way through, right off the top of our heads. If we didn’t all get along very well, I don’t think that could happen.

Dave Muller: How would you describe your sound and what are your influences?

Karlov: We like Alice Cooper, Rob Zombie, Wednesday 13 and The Misfits. We don’t hide our influences on stage, we don’t want to make it out like it’s something we came up with, we don’t hide it, we embrace it.

Dave Bates: We don’t hide it, but we don’t rip it off, either. When people hear us, they can pick out influences here and there. A lot of times I get told that I sound like someone, but everyone has a different take on what we sound like. We don’t put ourselves in a genre. We have gothic influences, but we’re not a goth band. Some of our songs sound punkish, but we keep it very loose.

Karlov: We have a lot of different “songs” within our songs. Some are metal, some are punk, but every song still has something that unifies it and makes it sound like us.

Dave Bates: I’ve been told by a few fans that we’re an awesome sounding metal band, but I wouldn’t even say that we’re a metal band. I don’t see it, we have songs that are hard and metal sounding, but I think we have a distinctive sound all our own.

Evil D: I think that our newer stuff is heavier, because the riffs that Karlov has been coming up with are really heavy. I think our best songs are still yet to come.

Dave Bates: I think that musically, we have the flexibility to go into every genre, there’s stuff for you whether you like goth, metal, or just plain hard rock.

Dave Muller: What are you guys like off stage?

Karlov: We’re older now, we don’t go out and party, but we still have fun. I think it comes out on stage. A couple of the guys are already married, and I’m getting married soon, so after a good show instead of getting drunk and wasted, we’ll take our families out to Mc Donald’s and get Sundaes.

Evil D: There we were, in our makeup and stage gear, sitting in Mc Donald’s eating sundaes. It doesn’t get any more metal then that.

Dave Bates: Of course it would help to mention that they were Sinister sundaes.

Evil D: Just because we dress and act a certain way on stage doesn’t mean that we’re like that off stage. On stage I’m giving people their Last Rites, but off stage I’m just D.

Karlov: Evil’s wife called him Darrel at a show and he said “I’m not Darrel, I’m Evil D.” We all couldn’t stop laughing. We don’t live the image.

Evil D: A lot of people hear that you’re in a metal band and they think that you’re a bad person, sacrificing goats or something, but I couldn’t be too bad a guy, I work around kids for a living.

Karlov: Yes, he’s a kid friendly brand of evil. I think what sets us apart from a lot of other bands is that we have a lot of personality, both on stage and off.

Dave Bates: We try not to take ourselves too seriously.

Karlov: We definitely don’t take Dave seriously.

Dave Muller: What do you guy’s have planned for the future?

Karlov: We’re talking to a studio and an engineer about doing a demo, but we’re taking our time on it. We’re also working on perfecting our stage show, costumes, pretty much the whole package before we move on.

Dave Bates: I think we’re progressing at our own pace. Some bands push themselves to get signed, and they’re just kidding themselves.

Karlov: We have goals, but we’re keeping them realistic.

Evil D: It’s all about having fun. If you’re not having fun, what’s the use in getting up and doing it. The people watching you won’t get into it unless you are. If we’re bored, we can’t expect them to enjoy it.

You can check out Sinister Fate, and their brand of Halloween Mayhem at Intense! Inks Halloween Bash on October 27th, 2007. The show will be held at Nite Cap, 5007 W. Irving Park Rd in Chicago Illinois. In addition to Sinister Fate, there will be live music by Smoke, Johnny Rev, and Rocky Denis, plus a Halloween costume contest with over $2,000 in prizes and giveaways. Don’t miss it!

Written By: Dave Muller

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"13" - (3 song demo)
"Grave New World" - (E.P.)
Toxic Shock Records presents "Dead Stars Rising Vol 2 - (compilation)



Emerging from the local cemeteries and morgues of Chicago, Sinister Fate is a hard rock band that stretches its decayed skin across the dark void of rock music, harnessing its gloom to create their own toxic cocktail of heavy gothic rock. David Bates created the idea of Sinister Fate in 2002. Taking his love of bands like Alice Cooper and Motley Crue and injecting it with his addiction for all things horror. A theatrical horror rock band just dying to be released. The first addition being the "Six String Frankenstein" known as Karlov, then shortly after the devilish drummer known as Evil D, and finally resurrected on bass Anthony Blaque. Sinister Fate is the one band in chicago thats keeping the dead awake and the living in fear.