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Hyattsville, Maryland, United States | SELF

Hyattsville, Maryland, United States | SELF
Solo Jazz EDM


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"INTERVIEW: Sinitus Tempo — Word Is Bond Exclusive Interview"

Sinitus Tempo is a young and very talented producer we told you about several times already and he is also one of the most productive and hard-working artists I know. Over the past months, he has released countless EPs, two albums and several collaborations, including his latest endeavour with Australian singer and instrumentalist Kitty Wong, with whom he formed the group OneofUs and released Disengage. Inspired by Japanese culture and the late Nujabes, he creates beautifully soothing and dreamy music that is a delight for the ears.
After becoming familiar with his musical universe, I thought it would be a good idea to get to know Sinitus Tempo a little better and therefore decided to ask him a few questions. He was kind enough to reply very promptly and it is now a great pleasure for me to share those answers with you. Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Sinitus Tempo…

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First of all, for people who are not familiar with you and your music, could you introduce yourself and tell us about how you started making music?

Hello everyone, my name is Nathan Peters aka Sinitus Tempo. I am a producer from Mount Rainier, MD. I started making music just by chance, it actually was a joke with my friend Doc Battle way back in high school, and we both just stuck with it. Here I am now.

You started at a very young age and have been producing for 8 years now. You seem to put a great emphasis on working on your technique and finding new ways to create music. Could you tell us more about that?

Yes, I did start at a pretty young age, I was about 14 dabbling around with FL studio haha. I actually got pretty good at it though, and used it for 7 years of my life. I started out with hip-hop pretty much studying from the greats like 9th Wonder and J. Dilla and my sound was actually really similar to some old 9th stuff. Later on, I started to get more and more into jazz. By the time I put out Born Legends, I was in love with jazz music. Artists like Koop, Quantic, Esperanza Spalding, Gretchen Parlato, were always being played. I kind of stepped back from the whole hip-hop scene, I kept that element but took my music to a different direction.

Your music is very peaceful and soothing, clearly inspired by Nujabes but with your own twist. As his latest album was released last month, do you think it’s important to pay homage to his talent but to create something original from his influence?

Yes, I do. Nujabes is a great man and I actually really started studying him and his style around the end of 2010. Hearing his new album is very inspiring, it has me thinking a lot about the direction of Peaceland II, and you also know that the title actually came from his track Peaceland, so I took a lot of influence from him and his music.

Sinitus Tempo – Utopia (my place)CLICK IMAGE TO WATCH VIDEO

Among the numerous projects you are working on, one of the most interesting to me is Tokyo Bliss, the manga you are helping create. How did you come up with the idea and how is the project going?

Well, I’ve always been a fan of anime and manga since I was young, watching movies like Akira, Perfect Blue, Ninja Scroll, X, so on and so on. Since the end of 2010, I have seen over 60+ series straight through, I love anime. So in 2010 I started thinking how great it would be to do my own. It took a while to get everything together but I eventually found Reb Pierre (the artist), who is an amazing artist in general. I offered to pay him to do the manga and he loved the idea of it so he started working on it with me. Another person involved is Aaron Wilcox, who has been helping me with the story progression. Reb is also helping me along with the dialogue for the project. I am working on an OST to go along with the release of it, Vol 1 should be ready summer 2012.

In addition to the great influence from Japan and its culture, your music is also more and more coloured with jazz touches. Is that something you a -

"Sinitus Tempo — Journey"

Evening friends, family and new ones. Today I’d like to introduce you to the jazzy hip hop beat producer Sinitus Tempo, with his new album Journey. Journey is a 15-track album with mostly instrumental beats, but some songs that feature vocalists such as Substantial and Kitty Wong.
If you don’t know Sinitus Tempo, his real name is Nathan Peters and he’s quite well-known in the genre as he’s been creating musical masterpieces for hip-hop artists for nearly 9 years. Of course, like everyone else, Sinitus Tempo is also a big fan of one of the finest Japanese producers Nujabes (R.I.P). His tribute EP Born Legends is just one of many great Nujabes tributes, but it’s a great one. -

"Newness for your ears: Journey, Sinitus Tempo"

I have to admit I haven’t been incredibly inspired lately, hence the lack of updates, but once again Sinitus Tempo came to my rescue and saved the day with another one of those incredible albums he is known for. Greatly inspired by jazz, Journey is as beautiful as ever and its title is very appropriate. I often use the metaphor of music as a journey and this is something that is make obvious here. Once you press play, close your eyes and let the music guide you, your mind will wander within you and to distant places, while you relax and simply enjoy the ride. Life is also a journey and the various tracks on the album could be considered as snapshots, where different people share their own experience, adding their piece to the puzzle and taking us with them on a stroll. I have to say I am extremely proud and happy to be featured on this project, as was the case with Sinitus Tempo’s previous album Koyo. I absolutely loved the instrumental he sent me and was very excited to record something over it.

Straight from the very seconds of the album, we travel to Bolivia, where the surrounding horns create an incredibly welcoming and soothing atmosphere, setting the tone for the whole album and preparing us for the upcoming voyage. Dear Friends, with Kitty Wong, one-half of OneofUs, is another incredible track, where the delightful piano and the singer’s particular voice are combined wonderfully. Most of the other tracks are full of beautiful instruments, jazz samples and head-nodding beats that make them incredibly compelling.
I won’t comment or praise my lyrics too much, of course, but I need to give a special mention to When I’m Lost, for the extraordinary instrumental with the amazing percussions and piano. Departing slightly from the purely jazz-influenced tracks, it stands out and adds a little magic to the album. Without going in too many details, I’ll say that recording this track was also some kind of therapy, which makes it even more special for me.
Other guests on Journey include frequent collaborators Substantial and Obii Say, who add a hip-hop touch to the project and once again carry the torch and honour the legacy of Nujabes, one of Sinitus Tempo favourite artists and biggest influence. Keepin’ On, where the two artist collaborate with Kitty Wong, is a feel-good, inspiring song that gives you a great dose of motivation and encourages you to work hard to reach your goals.

Journey is another one of those albums that I will listen to regularly and whose soothing power will be most welcome whenever I’m feeling a bit down or need to take a break from reality. Sinitus Tempo is a very talented producer who deserves more shine and who will hopefully be listened to by more and more people. If this is your first encounter with him and his music, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to look for all his previous projects. They are all full of quality music that will touch your heart and soul.

P.S. The beautiful cover artwork is courtesy of Kid Chan -

"The Vinyl Proxy – Obii Say ( @obiisay @sinitustempo"

This album is the product of an artists growth. I say that because each album he releases is that much better than the previous. I’ve been following Obii Say’s music since I found his The secret Tape and had that shit on blast for a minute. Couldn’t turn it off, such an original sound and the production complimented the lyricist perfectly. Sinitus Tempo Obii Say’s producer killed it on this album with a hip-hop meets soul meets jazz fusion. It’s so fresh and unique you cant help but hit replay, these two dudes were meant to work together and are most definitely gonna blow up and blow up FAST! In the first week of release The Vinyl proxy crashed website with over 10,000 downloads. This humble 17-year-old highschool kid from D.C EXPLODES onto the scene climbing the charts of DMV unplugged and will be here for a while. These dudes are hungry and have the talent to progress, I predict colabs with the likes of Lupe, Kanye and Wale in the future. Jus Sayin…

Keep an eye out for these two because you dont want to miss this show when these two role through your city.

"Who Is Sinitus Tempo?"

Sinitus Tempo, graduate of Northwestern High School in Prince George’s County, is one of the few producers who can make magic with oldies samples. Born March 1st, 1989 as Nathan Peters, this DMV native and hip-hop producer is hardly an amateur. Tempo has been creating musical masterpieces for local and non-local hip-hop acts for nearly six years. Some of his prestigious accomplishments to date include being featured in the 2010 Edition of URB Magazine’s Next 1000 and participating in a producer showcase held in Philadelphia that was judged by illmind, Mike from and the head of Artists & Repertoire (A&R) from Island Def Jam, Lenny S. Locally, Sinitus Tempo helped with the origination of the DMV’s ever growing and highly popular “Beat Clash” producer battle.

Currently, he is collaborating with Toney Nightmare and Doc Battle to create the only producer’s open mic showcase in D.C. With his uncanny ability to create music, being aligned with Public Relations Specialist Sasha Vann and Managers A.B. the Producer and Ricky Parker, one thing is for sure; Nathan ‘Sinitus Tempo’ Peters will become a musical force to reckon with in the near future. After hearing his latest project, Obii Say’s “Product of People,” I was determined to interview Sinitus Tempo. Once I had the opportunity to speak with him, here are some of the things he had to say:

DMV Unplugged: Where did the name Sinitus Tempo come from?

Sinitus Tempo: The name Sinitus Originated from the name Rhampsinitus which was corrupted name for king amesses the third, the second pharaoh of the twentieth dynasty. The ancient Greeks knew him as Rhampsinitus which was a corrupted version of his favored name Ra-messu-pa-neter. I chose the ending Tempo cause of my skill to manipulate the tempo, pitch, and complete sound of a sample or instrument all together. Tempo just was the obvious choice in sounding good. The Tempo is a key factor in creating unique and precise beats. So in conclusion Sinitus: king Tempo: beat making.

DMV Unplugged: When did you first start producing music?

ST: I first started about six years ago. I think it might have been the middle or end of the 10th grade year in high school I started producing along with my friend Doc Battle we formed a group but still did are own separate production.

DMV Unplugged: What or who influenced you to start making beats?

ST: Well my brother always had me listening to underground hiphop and all that good 90’s music growing up so I always loved it and loved beats. We somewhat started to grow apart but he was always into doing music. He used to write, so to bring us closer as family I started making beats. I used to loop a lot until I heard 9th Wonder and Krysis. That’s when I knew that you could do a lot more with production then just looping and adding drums.

DMV Unplugged: Who in the music industry, past or present, influence you the most?

ST: 9th wonder, illmind, Madlib, oh no, MF Doom, Kanye West, Just Blaze, Pete Rock, DJ Premier, Barry White, Van McCoy, Tim Weisburg … Oh! How could I forget, J-Dilla (RIP) those for the most part are the producers I’ll be shorter with the artists, MF Doom, Little Brother, Lady Gaga, Wu-Tang, too many to name. The list goes on and on.

DMV Unplugged: Who are some artists you have worked with and who are some artists or producers you would like to collaborate with in the future?

ST: I have worked with Obii Say, A.B. the Producer, Nike Nando, Doc Battle, Lola Maxwell, RA the MC, M1 Platoon, 7even:thirty (Mississippi), Money First (New Jersey), Judah or Greenjade (UK), Twixx (Netherlands) Cayan, Benjie, Toney Nightmare … to be for real it’s been over 50 different artists already. I would like to work with Ludacris, Justus League (9th Wonders Artists), Kooley High, Common, Talib Kweli, Lady Gaga, Anjulie, Little Brother, Strong Arm Steady, everyone on duckdown records, MF Doom, MF Ggrimm, the list is endless.

DMV Unplugged: What’s your most recent project that you have done and what do you have lined up in the near future?

ST: The last project I put out was “Product of People” with Obii Say and I have a Duck Down Records EP that I have to release….right now I’m working on Obii Say’s next project with Doc Battle which will be a double-disk concept LP. One side is completely produced by Doc and the other completely produced by me; one touching on serious subjects and life and the other touching on everything and anything else kind of like a night and day sort of thing…. Then I have Symphonic Mind Sin-drome which is my new project dropping 3/1/09 and is probably one of my most artistic and different projects to date. I’ve had a lot of projects.

DMV Unplugged: With the success of DMV natives Wale (Hip-Hop artist) and Best Kept Secret (Hip-Hop producers), who do you feel will breakthrough next as the DMV’s successful artist/producer combo?

ST: Of course I would say Obii Say and myself. (laughs) I haven’t really seen anyone else as a combo yet. I’ve seen a lot of dope producers and a lot of dope artists….actually other than myself and Obii Say I would have to say A.B and X.O – Monumental was a dope album and they have a lot of chemistry. That’s what I feel is the main ingredient you need to be successful in collaborative efforts like that. Well I will also have to say Nando and Prehistoric and Base Heads and Trel….also Diamond District.

DMV Unplugged: Where do you see the future of DMV music?

ST: Honestly people know I keep it 100 and say what I truly believe. I feel good music shines regardless of where you’re from. As for the whole DMV thing, I’m not too sure but I definitely know a good amount of the artists and producers from this area will be going somewhere; whether it be a major underground icon like Kev Brown or a major mainstream icon like Wale and BKS (Best Kept Secret). I mean it’s good to see artists and producers from this area get where they want to be, but know that I’m not relying on the whole DMV thing to get me anywhere. So as for the DMV I can’t say or even see where it will be. But as for some artists and producers here, I know they will go far.

With a host of future endeavors and a style of his own, Sinitus Tempo is a future star just waiting to shine. It seems the sky is the limit for this DMV future super-producer and with more time and recognition, his big day is bound to come. You can hear 15 tracks produced by Sinitus just by downloading the Obii Say, Sinitus Tempo “Product of People” mixtape which is featured here on DMV Unplugged.

"Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo - "The Vinyl Proxy 1965""

( translation from french to english )

Draw inspiration from her soul and RnB 60s, nothing really original to hip hop, that much is riding on fashion revival in recent years. Indeed, for Aceyalone & The Lonely Ones to Raphael Saadiq, many people have made this trend grow, with more or less success. When they could be embedded in them, and Obiya Say Sinitus Tempo give themselves the peaks of the genre. Their previous collaboration, the tribute "Dilla Changed My Life" to Jay Dee , already marked a rather soulful musical direction, that 'they evolve today by adding a retro touch more pronounced. Bringing a true modernity in the construction of its beats, cleverly sampled Sinitus Tempo few standards and securities most sensitive to the African-American music. "The Prologue" feat Alice Russell opens exactly what "The Vinyl Proxy 1965" with an up-tempo swinging viciously, before "Come Around" and its chorus oldies make us upset for good. Then conquered, it remains only to revel in what follows, hoping that no false note comes spoil this wonderful journey. To our delight, the duo of Washington avoids falling into the trap and gives us a perfect copy. The languorous "Universal Me," "World Of The Lost", organic "Kill Joy", "Dmvision," the phenomenal "Game Show" feat Conscious are all gems, quick to stand up the hairs on your arm . Each sample is perfectly highlighted (the haunting guitar on "Can not Help Ya") and masterfully orchestrated, as evidenced by "Bandwagon-ers" or the masterful mix voice / piano / strings and brass of "Progress". For its part, the height of seventeen, Obiya Say proves he holds a candle to the most seasoned MCs, completely mastering his subject despite a concept that could be dicey. Despite the absence of label, the lack of visibility that their record is only available on the internet, both score minds. From there, Jay Dee should be proud of having changed the lives of two boys, now promised a bright future.

"WYDU’s Look At 2010: Favorite Instrumental Projects of 2010"

earlier this month, Sinitus Tempo was my “Rookie of the Year” for producers. I doubt this was his first year producing, but this was the first year I have heard of him and he had a gang of quality music released, including these two EPs, Awakened Beings and Born Legends. They are both dedicated to anime programs, characters, shows, or something like that, not being big on anime, I don’t really know, but I do know the music is dope. Sinitus is quickly building a signature sound for himself, with a jazzy and some what dark sound, equipped with an abundance of strings that he uses quite well. I look forward to more form this cat in the upcoming year. -

"Fan-Produced Samurai Champloo/Nujabes Tribute EP “Born Legends”"

So I’m on Twitter and Scott Green tweets about this Samurai Champloo/Nujabes tribute done by a guy that calls himself Sinitus Tempo. After listening to his “Born Legends” EP, he’s got chops. I also like how he throws in samples from the show in the mix.

The rest of the album is composed of jazz-infused hip-hop in the same vein as Nujabes and it’s quite good. The EP is available as a digital download for a minimum of $0.99 (you can pay more, which is what I did) and can be streamed below if you want to check it out before you buy. -

"Listen to Fan-Made Samurai Champloo Tribute Album "Born Legends EP""

In lieu of the upcoming Nujabes tribute album Modal Soul Classics II, DC-based producer Sinitus Tempo has dropped a tribute album of his own: the immaculate Born Legends EP, a collection of 11 songs that seamlessly blend jazz hop and distinct Asian influences. The cool thing is that it uses actual audio samples from Samurai Champloo (the dub, regrettably), the anachronistic hip-hop samurai anime that first won Nujabes international attention:

This is no bedroom Garageband mix, folks — Sinitus Tempo’s a real pro. I have no doubt his chill beats and musical flourishes would make Seba Jun proud. You can buy the entire album over at Bandcamp for just $0.99. Do it. -

"Sinitus Tempo – Born Legends EP"

Shouts out to my man, Sinitus for sending this through. He calls this his “Samurai Champloo & Nujabes tribute EP” and its definitely one you dont want to view the back of your eyelids on. Once I heard Tango of Death, I was hooked. He says with this project he’s taking a ”different route as far as my music goes and trying to get more into background music for shows, and especially anime, and even the bumps on programs like adult swim and the funimation channel.” Fans of anime rejoice and Download HERE -

"Sinitus Tempo - Born Legends EP"

Sinitus Tempo - Born Legends EP

label: on Bandcamp
released: 06 October 2010
style: electronic hiphop jazzy

Sinitus Tempo in da tribute to the samurai champloo anime and super producer nujabes R.I.P

1. Begin 00:33
2. Tango of Death 03:11
3. Jazz Save 02:24
4. High Goals 00:26
5. Situation 03:27
6. One Last Time 02:30
7. My Boi 00:42
8. Legendary 02:51
9. Special Delivery 00:50
10. Face Off 02:47
11. Last Samurai 02:20

"Musician Sinitus Tempo releases EP tribute to the soundtrack of Cowboy Bebop"

( translation from portuguese to english )

The American musician Sinitus Time , which had already released an EP with songs inspired by Samurai Champloo, released a new EP with musician OBII Say . This time, the anime Cowboy Bebop is honored, the Sunrise studio and had a soundtrack composed by Yoko Kanno. -

"Anime Releases for December 2010"

In mid-November, Musician Sinitus Tempo released his Awakened Beings EP. It is a tribute album to the manga and anime series Claymore. It is also available as a free download from his website. He mentions on his website that, while Awakened Beings is free, he hopes visitors would consider purchasing his other works. -

"Samurai Champloo - The musician Sinitus Tempo reinterprets the music of the soul"

( Rough Translation from Italian to English )

Reinterpret something that others have "prepared" before you is always very difficult, especially when you go in the music: the artists often compete in the most famous covers of songs and, often, they never fail to add "something more "to the song or the singer who, in their intent, they decided to pay homage.

I think this is not the case Sinitus time, a "big name" of the landscape hip / hop underground U.S. for some years, has carved out a very important place among the "creators" of the bases and re-arrangements of great classics the past. And, apparently, Sinitus Time is a big fan of Nujabes (born Jun Seba), as some of you may recall, is a Japanese musician who created the soundtrack to the beautiful Samurai Champloo , anime written and directed by Shinji Obara Shinichiro by the great " Cowboy Bebop "Watanabe. And now that poor Nujabes is gone (this year the artist was involved in a car accident fatal for him), Sintus time decided to re-arrange the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo to commemorate the memory of Japanese artist and producer.

The pieces have all been "modified" by the expert hands of Sintus that time, piece by piece, adapting to his taste and liking the eleven tracks that make up the soundtrack of Samurai Champloo. A very nice and "personal" that if you want, you can listen or download (after paying a small sum of money) on the official page of Sintus Bandcamp on time.

"Sinitus Tempo - Born Legends EP (Tribute to Samurai Champloo & Nujabes)"

Sinitus Tempo's dedication to the Samurai Champloo anime and super producer Nujabes. He says with this project he’s taking a ”different route as far as my music goes and trying to get more into background music for shows, and especially anime, and even the bumps on programs like adult swim and the funimation channel.” -

"Sinitus Tempo’s Soul Eater EP Out"

Musician Sinitus Tempo has completed his latest anime tribute alubm, the Soul Eater EP. The entire album is available to sample and purchase online. -

"…let the BEAT build"

I’ve listen to many producers and/or beat-makers (whatever you choose to call them) but the more instrumentals and beats you start to listen to the more it begans to sound the same, but every now and then someone brilliant comes along with a new style, a new sound, and a new approach on music.

Meet Nathan Peters aka SinitusTempo . I’ve been hip to Sinitus Tempo since The Vinyl Proxy 1965 project he did along with Obii Say (I still listen to ”Same Ol Thing”). I tell people all the time it’s important to know and understand your history and where you have came from. I respect Sinitus Tempo music because its clear he understands the history of Hip-Hop and the history of music [period]. He combines many old school sounds with a lot of new school flava creating music simply for the soul.

I preach all the time “People need to stop just listening to the beat and listen to whats being said.” However, Sinitus Tempo instrumentals and beats tell a story all on its on. Any artist that is blessed with one of his beats has a challenge ahead of them (respect to Obii Say and the many others that have jump on one of SInitus Tempo’s beats). Its a challenge because even somebody like me, who enjoys listening and trying to figure out the message that an EmCee is trying to convey, I get lost in just listening to one of Tempo’s beats.

If I had to describe his music in one word it would most definitely be RICH (I know ya prolly thought I was gonna say #dope lol). Im ready for Soul Eater EP to drop. I know it’s going to be different and unique. In a society where so many think and act alike a little diversity is just what we need. Check out the promo for Soul Eater EP -

"Sinitus Tempo - Foreign, Nights Sweet, Dreams"

I'm compleley blown away by his creativity and passion in those beats and if you're a beats fanatic like me, you'll copp it now and show support! -

"Sinitus Tempo’s Soul Eater EP Out"

Musician Sinitus Tempo has completed his latest anime tribute alubm, the Soul Eater EP. The entire album is available to sample and purchase online. -

"New Soul Eater soundtrack tribute album available!"

Musician Sinitus Tempo, the same creator who brought us his Samurai Champloo tribute soundtrack, now released on his website a tribute album for Soul Eater.

It is available here. (opens in a new window)

Keep it up!!!!! Truly badass!!!! -


DMV native, Sinitus Tempo isn’t your average producer that makes beats for artists. He is a music intellectual who spends time learning and listening to various types of music not just from the United States. He explores music from other countries such as France and Japan. His love for the art of music and not soley making music shines through his work. His beats are significantly different from many producers that I have recently heard, playing a lot on different instruments and sound elements. He has worked with numerous artists, most recently working on several projects with rapper Obii Say. Sinitus Tempo is definitely someone you want to know if you are involved with music in any shape or form, one of the best underground producers of this time.
Check out |The Review| of his newly released EP “Soul Eater” ( a tribute to the anime Soul Eater):

Sinitus Tempo’s new EP is sparking up a bit of a buzz especially in the Anime world. “Soul Eater” EP is a tribute to the anime show Soul Eater which is a Japanese animation production. The 14 track EP is targeted towards Japan and the anime scene. Tracks like “The First Encounter” would be perfect for any anime soundtrack. He does a great job of incorporating aspects of anime with modern like sounds crossing between various cultures.
“Soul Eater” seems to be very jazz inspired as you could tell by listening to number 3, Kishin Eggs. This is actually one of my favorites because of its mellow soothing sound, along with the next track Meister and Weapon. Although this tribute would be perfect for an Anime soundtrack, it is very versatile in that there are many tracks that would a good match for hip hop artists such as Screaming Sword and God vs. God.
There isn’t one track on this EP that isn’t worth listening to and or using. This is definitely music that should be heard by Anime and music lovers of all genres alike. What can be most appreciated about the “Soul Eater EP” is that it flows from beginning to end making it a very enjoyable listen to play through as though it were an actual album even though it is based off of beats. -

"Sinitus Tempo – Soul Eater (EP)"

The homie Sinitus tempo is back again with another anime tribute and this time it’s Soul Eater. If you’re an anime lover like me, you’ll definitely enjoy this. The whole EP costs 99 cents so don’t be a b*tch and purchase it. -

"Sinitus Tempo"

Sinitus Tempo has been burning up the underground DMV streets with classic beats for the past 6 years. He has collaborated with countless DMV artists including Mugsy Malone, Obii Say, RatheMC, and AB the Producer just to name a few. Just from looking at the determination of Sinitus Tempo, its clear to see that his aim at becoming one of hip-hop's top producers seems like an imminent destiny. -

"ALBUM REVIEW: Obii Say/Sinitus Tempo: The Vinyl Proxy 1965"

We haven't reviewed an album in a while, but after listening to this Vinyl Proxy EP (FREE)...I had to put the word out on this project.

First things first...personally I believe the cover doesn't do justice to the work inside this album...but then again, if you feel like me...believe that saying "Never judge an "album" by it's cover."


Both Obii and Sinitus are 2 young brothers straight from the DMV...Sinitus handles the production & Obii the bars...together they form an explosive duo, full originality...reminding me a lot of a young up & coming Eric B & Rakim.

The Album:

The EP starts with an up tempo track "The Prologue" ft Alice Russel, setting you up perfectly for what's coming & gives you a quick glimpse, on what you about to journey through.

This is universal music though, so there's something for everyone, but the body of work is very consistent...and you can tell from the get go that the sound it's different form the norm...

Here's a few tracks that I thought I should highlight (all beats produced by Sinitus Tempo)...

Track #4: Obii Say - Prosperity

Only 4 tracks deep and you can start to see clearly the dynamic of this duo...Sinitus Tempo has great versatility on beat production and Obii Say is a deep lyricist.

Talking here about the ups and downs he had to go through to get to this point, he lays a complex history in a very simple manner, closing it by saying: "...don't call me a rapper, I am far past that I am an activist, you got that..."

Track #5: Obii Say - World Of The Lost

This was the first track I heard of Obii Say, about 2 months ago...and first time I heard it, I found it to be so original and fresh it brought a smile to my face....2 months gone past and still have it on replay...the beat is hard but the lyrics are deceivingly simple...and yet it works perfectly, kind of feel, that if Obii went in deep on this , it would have probably be lost as the beat is so deam addictive.

Track #11: Obii Say - Bandwagon-ers ft Lola Maxwell

The beat on this one is BANGING...hypnotised by the production in a big way, great work once again by Sinitus Tempo...and the theme of the Bandwagon-ers laid out by Obii Say it's classic. Shows clearly that they are trying to go in a different direction from most. And in todays hiphop scene, where everyone is a "bandwagon-er"'s admirable. I salute them for this.

Track #12: Obii Say - Cant Help Ya ft Benji & Lyriciss

Another banger, on this one Obii it's joined by fellow DMV associates Benji & Lyriciss...Obii puts emphasis that as any good underground artists, he doesn't need anyone to make it happen...through hard grind and sheer talent, it will eventually happen...

There's more tracks that I really dig, but for the sake of keeping the review short...I'll leave it at the FREE EP....and listen to the rest whenever convenient.


Closing comments:

Personally we truly believe that both Obii Say & Sinitus Tempo, are going to make it big, sooner or later, they have the drive and talent...and as stated on the album they really don't need anyone else do to it...they have the production and lyrics, they are on par on talent, and complement each other greatly....with a good publisher, Obii & Sinitus will go places.

This is the second EP, that Sinitus & Obii have released...make sure you check the previous work over at Charon Music Group...I've heard both, and although I enjoyed the first one it's easy to see that both artist have progressed leaps and bounds since.

We'll keep an eye for you all on both Obii and Sinitus for all future updates, but make sure you support them by downloading the FREE Ep, and enjoying the music.

If you have twitter follow them on twitter too..they are cool humble brothers. -

"EP: Sinitus Tempo – Awakened Beings"

Here’s yet another gem for emcees out there looking for instrumentals. DMV native Sinitus Tempo has dropped his latest beat tape, a dedication to the anime Claymore. What is Claymore? No clue, so go wiki that ish. I’m not into that anime, but I totally dig the samples used by this producer to create a fascinating and delightful product that’s sure to woo listeners and wow your mothers. Yeah, it’s experimental, it fuses about 100 genres, and it makes you wonder what’s the fascination behind Japanese cartoons – word to Lupe. I’ve uploaded a few of the beats for your auditory pleasure. We co-sign this project, and now spread the good news, kind of like the opposite of Paul Revere. -

"Beat Tape: Sinitus Tempo – Soul Eater EP"

Here’s a fresh new beat tape from our local homie Sinitus Tempo, whom, you’ll recall, we stamped for his Awakened Beings project that dropped not too long ago. He continues his anime-themed instrumentals by paying homage to Soul Eater, yet another manga I’m not aware of. In fact, I know nothing about anime of any sort, so his beat tapes are my introduction to this work. Hit the link for the info. -

"Sinitus Tempo Soul Eater EP out"

Musician Sinitus Tempo has completed his latest anime tribute album, the Soul Eater EP. The entire album is available to sample and purchase online. -

"Sinitus Tempo Soul Eater EP"

Here’s another treat from Sinitus Tempo in his Soul x Anime series. The Soul Eater EP is available NOW and for only 0.99 or more you get 14 dope tracks. Get it HERE -


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The Brova's grym-6$ beat tape-2008
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The Wonder souls 2 ( compilation )-2009
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the surprise tape with doc battle and obii say- 2009
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the 12 jewelz - 2010
duckdown 5 track demo 2010
deeper learning vol 1. - 2010
foreign nights, sweet dreams - 2010
sin-ethesia - 2010
born legends EP a tribute to nujabes - 2010
Cowboy Biibop EP with Obii Say - 2010
awakened Beings EP - 2010
Soul Eater EP - 2011
Abstrakt Mindz thinc Ulike- 2011
Lovely Dreams EP - 2011
Highly lifted EP "the remixes" - 2011
Honey and Clover the remixes - 2011
Summer Solace - 2011
Peaceland - 2011
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Peaceland 2 - 2011
Oneofus - Disengage (with Kitty Wong) - 2011
Born Legends 2 - 2012
Journey - 2012
tasties (with Doc Battle) - 2012
First time EP - 2012
Dream State - 2012
Caged Bird - 2013



Once a man is taught to fish, he can eat for a lifetime. This quote, with its insight on learning how to prosper, was principle in the roots of Sinitus Tempo, who at an early age saw the intellectual fruit of underground hip-hop in his older brother. Now with 6 years of crafted production in his strongbox, the professed King of Inflected Pitch is taking antique sounds and sculpting them into jewels for future hits.

Announced as Nathan Peters on March 1st, 1989, the youth of this producer was cultivated by the sounds of Madlib, Koop, MF Doom, Quantic, Barry White, Little Dragon and Tokimonsta. The adoration of his older brothers skill of writing music pushed the much-younger Sinitus Tempo to match the words with a touch of sound. Under the technique of looping and adding which allowed him to sample a record and use it repetitiously with added drum effects, was the manner in which Tempo enhanced his style---until he heard production by 9th Wonder and Khrysis of the Justus League squad. Another gem was added to his toolbox of knowledge and from there, he set forth on a journey of mastering the art of reinventing classics. Through this understanding of manipulating the pitch of old tunes, an intrigued Sinitus Tempo developed a style of his own, building a more pronounced sound that have many awaiting his signet of ability to stamp their music.

Loyal, but tight-nit is the persona of Sinitus Tempo. Working alongside childhood friend and producer Doc Battle, Tempo also manages a green, yet dynamic artist named Obii Say, making him both dually active in the business and artistic side of his production. His confidence is encouraged by a strong history of collaborations with artists such as Markyland (SRC/Universal), Add-2 (Mtv, hipopdx, LRG) and Substantial (Nujabes) as well as a long list of production work for hip-hop acts from all over the world, ranging from names like RatheMC (who resides in DC) to Chiyo Okumura (the original composer of bomber man).

The seeker of vintage vinyl keeps his future motives in front of him, making plans to collaborate with the likes of Lady Gaga, Ludacris, Common, Little Brother, and every artist on DuckDown Records. In just a year, Sinitus has made a serious name in the anime community with the release of four highly-praised tributes to Claymore, Samurai Champloo, Cowboy Bebop, and Soul Eater. Just from looking at the determination of Sinitus Tempos aim at being one of the top underground producers of the hip-hop realm makes the status of his upcoming projects look like an imminent win from the start.

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