Sink(with band)

Sink(with band)


Sink (aka Matthew Sforcina) is a singer/songwriter/producer that is inspired by originality. Jazz, grunge, rock and classical genres are mended together to create crazy but beautiful music. This is a joint effort by both him and his band. Music is art, redefinition imminent. Sinking, gaining depth


Sink (aka Matthew Sforcina) is the next source of an original, intellectual sound for this present day. Think Beck, The Dandy Warhols, Bjork and you will be thinking Sink; all coming from a mind that aspires to create the original, and the innovation to do this with whatever resources he has at his fingertips. His music like a work of art, must be taken with thought, both in lyrical content and musical structure.

It all started when this one mind decided to pick up a guitar and write a song. Motivation for this act at this time was comfort. A damaged mind from a damaged philosophy and only just then, coming up for air.

Motivation changing and his music growing before his eyes, Matt always made way for spontaneous lyrics. Direct streamings from his subconscious to the page, and then into a song, all went in the mix to create a cauldron of depth for his music. Safely now called universal emotional expression - the duty to, and love in expression became his motivation. He now often writes of the greed of society and the injustices called 'right', in the most indirect manner. He hopes to instill these thoughts in peoples minds that they may be ready for this planet's future.

Matt started playing solo at jams and the occasional gig – comments always included along the lines: “I don't know who you sound like, but that's not a bad thing”, or “A refreshing change from the worlds musical ditch.” His self taught guitar style blossomed and he further developed his unique jazzy, rock voice. Loving the sounds of grunge, jazz, classical and blues he set out to make a mesh of music featuring highly expressive lyrics. Matt went on to perform many more solo gigs and jams around Perth and Fremantle, Western Australia. Loving the satisfaction of the stage he gained a regular spot at the Swan Hotel.

To reward these beginnings an impressive repertoire of original songs was created. A small release of some of the earlier songs followed. Matt released a recording called 'Delectable' at the Swan hotel in May 2006. When on stage he seemed to provoke an awe in people, some froze in their last movement (never to move again). Copies of this recording were handed out on the night and his music was widely accepted.

Here and now Matthew Sforcina has recently released his alias Sink. Having a fantastic ear for melodies, harmonies, and beat, Sink realised there was need for producing his music and the gathering of a band. He added grungey harmonies, said to be “grinding” but “orgasmic”; classical piano and other keyboard sounds to fill the guitar's notion; and he bought a drum kit for $200 and had a bash. What results is a taunting, dissonant sound which resonates through your ear drums repeatedly; and you are, of course, left craving more.

For his band Sink has chosen a fine huddle of merry people. Including the dignified Tim Hall on the keys and the powerful Cat Austin to be the 2nd vocalist. Between them they innovatively incorporate percussion in each song. Sink has grown with his band and is ready to release his fully produced works commercially.

Music is Sink's life commitment. He hopes to share inspiration with others and gain recognition in the world. Keep your mind open when absorbing his artistic oriented music and be sure to create a space for the thought contained within. Let it fuck with your head.

Bit by bats
Gilbert White
Aiden Varro
One eyed jacks
Dave Robertson



Written By: Matthew Sforcina

Don't say, I was here
Appealing duties fail to steer
Reasons for my smile from here to here
A shot at this oh

Place me, in your arms
A maybe, without harms
Give me five, I'll raise you ten
More pleasing when I came to see her

Do do do, do do do, do do do

But it's all for tomorrow
But it's all for tomorrow

A push away a likely motion
Feel the energy inside
Negate emotions fill the air
And crowd the walls to here

Seasons greetings to our friends
Foes and family alike
Careless waving of the arm
And we'll attract so much less

Do do do, do do do, do do do

Your wish, to see it out
Pent up anger, there's no doubt
Plain emotion through the gates it floods, and knocks us out so quick

A planned redemption by your ears
Preying on the helpless reckless
Please to meet you forget your name
Turn the page it's in the corner

Do do do, do do do, do do do

A shade of blue
A shade of green
Purpose, motive to demean
But I'll look up and I will try
To shut the door in your face more

Peruse the efforts
plant the seeds
weeds and trees and flowers and leaves
amongst a patch of cultured soil
sadly, greatly I'll believe

Do do do, do do do, do do do

But it's all for tomorrow
But it's all for tomorrow

I refuse I am a plucked penny
Said to be free
In open arms that stick to me

So Precious

Written By: Cat Austin

I need her
Perceive her
Reliving lives unknown to me
So precious
So vicious
She storms the night in my dreams

All our dreams were meant to be, she said
Follow me, lead me
Let go of what used to be, she said
Follow me, lead me


Reach for her
Explore her
She's the part of me I'm scared to see
She's so precious
So vicious
Like missing pieces of a melody

I hear her voice is calling from behind my imagery
Each night I know she's there to give her love and guide me


Sweet jasmine drifts through the slats
But you're not here are you

I stare at the moon from my single bed
As the moisture of the night settles between the sheets

I struggle with echos of your laugh clinging to the walls

I miss your breath on my neck as you sleep

At least she's here
That other part of me
A shadow to fill your empty void

Your Purchase is Ready

Written By: Matthew Sforcina

Here are the tears in waiting
Humbly I place on you
Gore and blood we'll shed here
Save not the neighours two

Hum Hum Hum Hum

Days are falling through my hands
We'll cause the cold to rip, rip
Sand is the answer to our time
But the world will have it all and more
... and more and more and more

More More More More

Drunk are the pretties for their swine
The door I search, the door, the door
Escalate escape this pit of rats and snakes and more and more
... your belly is full your mouth is not willing

Hum Hum Hum Hum

I will tell you just this once
Keep your feet and boots ready
Draw the curtains, await the blaze
Fuel your heart's ignorance

Hum Hum Hum Hum

Come to this warm inception
The focus has delivered us
Start anew this fresh innings
The stolen have no race of prize
... why are we winning anyway?

Hum Hum Hum Hum

Prepare the wood the fire is ready
Each split and split, in two in two
Call the mother from her knitting
It's time we flew adieu, adieu

Set List

Against the Air
Back from the Hole
Death Pain
Guaranteed for a Second
It hurts
Last Resort by Papa Roach (Jazz remix by Sink)
Optimism (Acoustic)
Your Purchase is Ready
So Precious (written by Cat Austin)
The Chant

This list is growing rapidly. A typical set would last about 45 minutes which would include approximately 9 songs.