Sinking Ship

Sinking Ship



Do you want to feel inebriated? Do you want to feel sweaty and confused, yet mystified? This is what we ask of you and yet at the same time we really don't give a shit. We come to rock and spread our seed across the land, clad in the most superior of costumes. One desirable leisure suit, a little spandex, a blue and silver space suit... need i say more hombre? Sinking Ship borrows subtleties and blatanties from the classiest of classic classy bands of yesterday, while also striving to push forward in creating the crap of tomorrow. So whether you hate your 9-5 job, had a hysterectomy, or found out that you were given up for adoption at the age of 12, it's nice to know there's four losers out there worse off then you. The crew of the "Ship"... Captain Kram, Noj, Mit & Nosaj... How low can the ship go?? To the Bottom!!


The Bottom(2004)

Set List

1. Leg’s and Lip’s
2. Baby Beluga
3. Sophacleeze
4. My Lady
5. Lummox
6. Go Save Yourself
7. At the Movies
8. the Bottom

9. River of Lust
10. Recipe
11. Dynamite
12. Land Ho
13. Darkness
14. the Intro
15. Country Life
16. Fish Head
17. Never say should
18. Come on n’ get w/ me
19. Panty Wetter
20. Copper Finsky
21. Pogo Stick
22. Golden Road
23. Mucho Mass
24. You and Me makes Two
25. 3 Foot Tall
26. Cunilingus
27. 45 Family Yard Sale
28. Rubber Lover
29. What’s the use of Talking
30. Paper Product
31. Bill the landlord
32. Nasty
33. Condom song
34. Chicken Pox

.Dork Medley-
what’s new pussycat(t. jones)/i write the songs(b. manilow)/ america(n. diamond)

.Whip it(DEVO)