Sinking Spells

Sinking Spells


Dark, catchy, swanky, gothic punk influenced rock from New England with heavy guitars and somber lyrics.


Sinking Spells, a Massachusetts-based punk band, derived their name from a story (The Sinking Spell) written by deceased New England artist, Edward Gorey. The phrase sinking spell falls under a few definitions, almost all of which have to do with medical conditions: a sudden decline in health, chronic light-headedness or fatigue, bouts of depression, chronic fainting, etc. Formed in May 2005 by Vocalist/ Guitarist Robb Buckley and Vocalist/ Bassist Phil Magnus, the Sinking Spells did a home recording of the track Sirens with a drum machine before acquiring Tom Pardi on drums the following September. Their first official release, a 7 song CD entitled EP, became available April 18th, 2006. Most of their subject matter consists of abusing and being abused by relationships, shitty jobs, substances, insomnia, chronic shitty dreams, and New England, their home. In late September of 2006, Tom was replaced by Neil DeRosa. The band is now gearing up for an ambitious studio recording in November and spring/ summer tours to support it.


Cursed In Collinwood

Written By: Sinking Spells

Youve got me all tied up in chains,
theres nothing here but rocks and waves
Im safely bound and tucked away
girls and cliffs make early graves
you left me for this, you left me for deaths womb
cursed in collinwood this world is my tomb
ivy withers on my aging estate
you left me for the oceans embrace
I always live in a catatonic state
you threw yourself against the rocks razor face


"The Devil At My Side" EP released in March 2007.
has receved airplay on WBCN and WFNX Bostons largest rock stations. As well as hundreds of collage and internet radio shows.

"Sirens" single released in September 2005 (out of print)
An EP titled "EP" released in early 2006
The songs "October" and "A Song For You" are streaming and/or downloadable from has the same two songs as well as "Sirens".
Our whole "EP" release has been featured on a Salem State College radio show. "October" has been played on numerous radio stations such as North Shore 104.5 in Massachusetts in regular rotation. "A Song For You" is being played on the Electric Cheez online radio show based out of New Jersey. "Sirens" is played on a Boston Punk college radio show called Radio Beat and has received numerous inquiries as to where to obtain copies of the song.

Set List

We usually play 30 to 40 minute sets that consist of approximately 9 songs. These include "Sirens", "Floorboards", and "October" from our first CD, "KMFDM"-- a track soon to be released on a Chung Ho Records compilation, "Cursed In Collinwood", "Wake At Twilight", "The Song Of Los", and "Bleeding Out" from our forthcoming CD to be released early next year, and a cover of "Kiss The Bottle" by Jawbreaker.