Sin MG

Sin MG

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Embrace the Darkness Within


Sin MG™ is a Post-Grunge Alternative Metal band from Southside of Chicago, driven to create music with power, groove and passion. Sin MG™ was formed in 1996 and established in the Chicago underground music scene by the early 2000’s. After a several years hiatus, founding members Scott Sinclair and Keith Parsons reunited to finish what they started. Sin MG™’s music has always explored dark subjects such as death, anger, betrayal and vengeance. The band believes in the therapy and empowerment of music and encourages listeners to embrace their own darkness. Heavy guitars, grooving bass, hard hitting-drums, thick orchestrations and powerful vocals are the main ingredients in Sin MG™’s music.


It's all Over
Breathe Again
Crazy Train 2011
It's Game Time
Not Worthy
They Like Me