Feel the rush as you taste the old school thrash metal that is turned into some unexplainable force. The technical drums, pounding bass, complex rythms, jaw dropping leads and trashy vocals only leave craving for more. Come check out the Tru-metal experience that is SiNN!!


SiNN is comprised of three musicians that make the ultimate old school thrash metal band with a new edge. The band had it’s beginnings in 1999 under the name Locust. Chad Bailey and Trent Johnson had decided to combine their musical talents to put together the band. They were both determined to master the techniques and style of their instruments through their love of music. They eventually found it necessary to recruit 2 more members like themselves to complement their focus and musicality. They soon found two old time friends that seemed to fit the aura of the group. Four years of shows and practice went by before Locust went on to record a demo. With new members, a finished demo and new material, Locust evolved into SiNN.
The change was more than in the name; the attitude, determination and skill of the four members molded into a more complete and serious band. But during the recording process and break from the local scene the band found itself in need of a new bassist. After some searching, the bands new bassist would be Christopher Smith. With Chris’s funky style and precision on the bass guitar, SiNN knew he was the missing link. With the new addition to the band, (SiNN) was finally complete.
In present day, (SiNN) stands as an unstoppable force. Working with good friend and amazing musicians Geoff Gulbranson, they now have a studio recorded CD that expresses the complexity and musicality of there style. The music is not everything these guys are about; the energy they bring to the shows proves that they are just as much entertainer as they are musicians. They try to connect to each individual in the crowd so they can capture the full experience of (SiNN). The Hampton Roads area is where the evolution of (SiNN) has begun. With an increasing fan base and experience of live shows (SiNN) is ready to take it to the next level.
The future of (SiNN) is rapidly unfolding. With new shows in cities they have never played, new fans the have impressed and new music they have written, the group is steadily on the raise. The focus of the band had done no more then increased along with there talent, written ability and love for entertaining people. With this, (SiNN) has vowed to reach every person they possibly can with their music. In the end, (SiNN) plans to have reached every person in the world with their integrity, determination, will power and unforgiving metal attitude.


SiNN "The Demo" Copyright 2004
SiNN "Self Titled" Copyright 2006

SiNN currently has multible songs on rotation on FM99's Homegrown. You can download songs from

Set List

SiNN's setlist can range from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Typically the band plays 9 to 10 songs a set at most recent venues. Such songs as:

Closed Minded
Looking Back
Chapter 1
Nothing the Possibilities
Will We Ever
The Addiction
Catch 22

SiNN rarely does covers unless asked by the crowd. If you get lucky you will hear some old school Metallica, Pantera or some Southern Rock. ZZ Top, Ted Nuggett, Deep Purple and more are all part of their arsenal of rarely live performed covers.