HOOK: An original sound, but familiar enough so that people sing along on the first listen. ENERGY: Fans never say they are going to HEAR a band, they are going to SEE a band. Putting on a good high energy show and interacting with the crowd is the right way to be a band.


In just one year, Portland's music scene has become SINNERGIZED. There is a definite buzz among club-goers and local bands. Everyone wants to know where this new band has come from, and how they went so quickly from non-existence to one of the tightest, best live shows around.

This is the third band Jeff and Rod have collaborated on. They have an excellent working relationship that is not based on agreement, but rather on understanding their differences and working together to reach a common ground. When Jeff and Rod first met Aaron, they could tell that there were a lot of common ideas as to how a band should work and how to achieve certain goals. Aaron and Rod share so many interests, musical and otherwise. They have a connection that makes it easy for them to play as a single unit, forming an ultra-tight rhythm section.

When JAK joined SINNERGY, half the songs were already written. Still, she found ways to put her own voice into every song. As a guitarist, singer and songwriter since childhood, JAK has a unique professionalism to her edgy style. This was a perfect compliment to all that Jeff, Rod and Aaron were already striving to achieve.

May 7th, 2005 was the public debut of SINNERGY. A year later, a full length album is in the works, countless people have witnessed the energy of a live SINNERGY show, and the name has spread like wildfire.


- Don't Bring Me Down
- The Wait
- Joe's Song

THE WAIT IS OVER (currently in production)
- The Wait
- Best I Can
- Stumble
- Peach
- Upstroke
- Left Hook
- Act So Shy
- Feel My
- Don't Bring Me Down
- The Wait (Acoustic)

Set List

Left Hook
Best I Can
Act So Shy
Feel My
The Wait
Don't Bring Me Down

Occasionally we add a cover or two.
Sublime - Caress Me Down
Social Distortion - Reach For The Sky
Billy Idol - Rebel Yell
Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot
Elvis Presley - Blue Christmas (seasonal)