Sinner Lane

Sinner Lane


A band called Sinner Lane; A fast-paced climate of powerful sound and rhythm with the talent to sink into your subliminal with catchy melodies. The vocal drawls and murmurs interact in a wild dance of sin with forceful screams and shouts. Rock is the best way to describe this adventure.


This band rocks with sounds you grew up with, but also the excitement of a new, ingenious sound. The purpose of Sinner Lane is to bring the world sounds they love to hear, and the grit and groan that makes their heart thump. Sinner Lane has many influences, but the grunge and soul of the Seattle bands shine on this band as a lost father, calling them to renew the emotional strength and inspiration that the world felt over ten years ago. Sinner Lane will not only make you want to find the closest person to share the experience, they will help you find yourself.....

Set List

Far From My Mind , Last Show, Wasn't Fooling Anyone, Wasted Time, A Place to Die, Breathing Hallways, STDO, Good Bye, Lylla, Lords, Above, Area, Dirty Girl, I've Got Cocaine, Curtains For Me, A Minor (Mind Ranger), PiƱata, 6 Graves, No Questions

Cover list: we can play over 4 hours of covers mainly on 90's rock with 70's, 80's and newer hits included.