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"Sinner Sinners "L.A's Burning""

Even though this is “just” a 7” release with a side A and side B this is worth mentioning. Fast and rocking the songs come out of the speakers catching you right away and make you move along. Reminding of rockabilly music with awesome guitar riffs and strong vocals, “LA’s Burning” heats up your body and soul. “LA’s Burning” is a perfect dance song, rocking you big time. “There’s No Place Like…” begins with pure guitar before the harsher riffs start kicking in as well. This song is deep and touchy, full of emotions digging deep and pinching your heart. On this one you can hear female backing vocals. Somehow this song sounds a little dark and gloomy. An awesome 7”. Go get it while it’s hot! -

"Sinner Sinners - Show Review October 6th, 2009 by Racket Magazine"

Since when did the French know how to play punk like that?
The dark punk duo of Sam and Steve Thill really did justice to the underground during their US tour this summer, making a pit stop in P-Town on a Saturday night. They were accompanied by their touring band, which included non-French drummer, Marky from the Morlocks, a bassist who they just call Ed, and this super sexy guitarist named Mike Zebra.
I decided to take Spanish in high school instead of French, so I epically failed at understanding Steve’s Parisian banter between songs. Whatever he said, his deep Bela Lugosi voice made it sounded polite and charming. The first chord they played (and every one following) grabbed me. I was only distracted when Mike broke a string on his guitar during the penultimate song of the set. I really want to say he broke the G string since it would have made for an excellent joke, but I cannot be sure.
Labeled on their MySpace as “Horror Punk,” Sinner Sinners have never made Dracula sound so good. They rocked it with high energy like the hardcore True Blood fans rushing to their couches on a Sunday night.
Vampire jokes aside, Sinner Sinners helped me channel my lost inner Misfits. Their dark subject matter yet radio-friendly material and sleek look really made the whole package. Since they will be on the other side of the Atlantic for a while, check out their new single and video “Cadavra” on MySpace. (
-Kateri Lirio - Racket mag

"Sinner Sinners @ the Viper Room (Hollywood CA)"

...Now quite some Rockabillies entered the room, because Sinner Sinners were up next. The band’s music, somewhere between punk rock and Goth, is ideal for setting the mood if one sleeps in a coffin, but also fits in perfectly in a rock club scene, but is also perfect to get your blood pumping before a night out. Formed by Steve Thill, singer/guitarist and his wife (Sam, keys and vocals) and an array of backing musicians, “Sinner Sinners” they rock stages. The singer’s voice is very deep and goes even deeper underneath your skin. The sound is catchy and gets you going along. Even though the band is quite serious on stage you can have a lot of fun seeing them live. -


Sin Sin Sin - E.P
S.E.E.S - 10 tracks
L.A's Burning 7"
1st album "Cardinal Sins" to be released autumn 2010



Sinner Sinners: a dutch-french punk duo formed by Sam and Steve Thill, untied in holy matrimony, influenced by 80’s californian hardcore punk, ‘77 punk and even early goth rock (Misfits, Danzig, Damned, Bauhaus); the duo deliver a music of its own style: Horror Punk.

In August of 2009, Sinner Sinners released a first EP, produced by Pascal Mondaz, featuring the drumming talents of Yann Clavaizolle (The Elderberries), but also an array of musical guests hailing from many different bands (The Elderberries, Cocoon, Stetson, Araban). Joined soon after by Mike, Ed, and François Arbon, the new lineup marks its first appearances onstage in May 2009.

After a few dates around France, notably in Paris, Nimes, Clermont Ferrand and Lyon, the Sinner Sinners left for a summer in LA. Accompanied by Marky Arnold, powerhouse drummer for the legendary Morlocks, the band set off on an american tour, after which they shut themselves into Nic Jodoin (producer) and Mike Patterson's studio (Amusment Park on Fire, Beck, and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club), but also inviting Dan Dart of Time again to sing on a track.

Their first energized album "Cardinal Sins" (produced by Pascal Mondaz and Nic Jodoin) is set to be released next spring. After a last concert in Vegas, Sinner Sinners have returned to Europe to release a 7", featuring songs from the californian sessions...

After opening for THE SONICS, the band is once again headed to California, their adoptive homeland, in March 2010 to embark on their 2nd American tour in less than 6 months.

-The Reverend Ryan Sutton