Sinonwheels is a new project of Giordani Cristiano aka Nessie Zorba .. Sinonwheels's project was born because i needed to play and express my emotions by the music


Sin on wheels is a project by Cristiano Giordani aka Nessie Zorba , member of the "White Pulp". His semi-professional experience into the music world started when he became keyboard player for "Posthuman" ( MarilynManson Tribute Band) . The first band he played in was " Left-overs" as the singer and guitarist..
He was the drummer in the "Hungry Roz" (Project of Sonny Lanegan, his best friend in life and
music) in the beginning of the band. After 3 years of intense touring with with "Posthuman", he became the Bass player of "White Pulp" with
Sonny Lanegan. He played on tour in Los Angeles from October 2006 to March 2007 with White Pulp. The new experiences that were born during
this last year, and especially on this tour, were and the muse and the impetus to create this project " Sin on Wheels".
This solo music expression of Nessie comes from his love of 90's music ( grunge) , never forgetting the 70's and 80's music and also contemporary music.

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