Sinouj is an Afro-Mediterranean band which bases its music on Magreb and Middle Eastern traditions that they mix with contemporary jazz, funk, as well as West African Music & flamenco. Sinouj therefore integrates such elements as Arabic rhythms and modes into a modern vision of jazz and funk music.


Sinouj performs original compositions by Pablo Hernández, Larbi Sassi and Kayode Kuti, with several other tunes written specifically for the band such as Alger Constantine by the great Fabrizio Cassol, Aka Moon’s sax player and composer. Sinouj is always searching for new innovative ways to communicate their traditional Arabic, Turkish and Spanish influences from a contemporary jazz point of view. This open minded vision of music grants Sinouj the possibility to collaborate with a wide range of musicians such as Jorge Pardo, Fabrizio Cassol, Sylvain Cathalà, Zoumana Dembelé, Nantha Kumar and el Guadiana. Sinouj’s approach towards music also makes it easier for them to reach audiences worldwide. Sinouj has so far played in Tunisia, Algeria, France, Portugal, Belgium and Spain.

Set List

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