Sinouj bases its music in traditions of Maghreb and Middle East, mixing it together with jazz and African roots.
Sinouj always counts with the presence of prestigious musicians: Javier Paxariño, Jorge Pardo, El Guadiana...
Sinouj: wherever the music comes from, it can be mixed to create new sounds.


Sinouj is an afromediterranean band who base its music on the traditions of the Magreb
and Middle East mixing them with contemporary jazz funk and West African Music
Thus, taking rhythms and modes from the Arab music, Sinouj integrates these elements
within a modern vision of jazz and funk music, with an electronic tinge. Sinouj’s sound is
very characteristic because of his original combination of oriental violin and sax,
propelled by an unstoppable African rhythm section.
The richness and originality of the band is based on the multiplicity of its members’
musical and geographical backgrounds. The Spaniard Pablo Hernández on alto sax has
played with many different jazz, rock, funk, rai, and Arab music bands: Jorge Pardo,
Javier Paxariño, Charbel Rouhana, Nass Marrakech, Wast el Balad etc. Larbi Sassi, on
the violin, is regarded as one of the best performers of Arab music in the whole Maghreb,
and he played in his country Tunisia and abroad, with the best bands and singers of this
The rhythm section is leaded by the drums of the Nigerian, Akin Onasanya. He is one of
the most demanded drummers in Madrid to play jazz, funk, r&b or African music and
lead the afrobeat project Ogun Afrobeat. Sergio Salvi , on the keyboards and computer
programming, gives the band the balance between the rhythm and the front section,
thanks to his smart use of electronics and acoustics sounds. Finally on the bass Sinouj has
counted on great bass players such as Kayode Kuti (Nigeria, bass in the Seun Kuti’s band
for three years), Damián Nueva Cortés (Cuba) or Pablo Alfieri (Argentina)
Sinouj plays originals compositions written mostly by Pablo Hernández. Sometimes they
can play songs from the Arab, Turkish or Spanish traditions, but always looking for a
new approach, and searching new ways to communicate these different traditions from a
contemporary jazz point of view.
This searching and open minded vision of the music make possible to a great range of
great musicians playing with Sinouj: Jorge Pardo, Fabrizio Cassol. Sylvain Cathalà,
Adedeji Adetayo, Zoumana Dembelé, Nantha Kumar or el Guadiana. This approach also
make them easier to reach the audiences everywhere, and Sinouj has so far played in jazz
and world music festivals in Cuba, Tunisia, Algeria, France, Portugal, Belgium and
In 2012 Sinouj is releasing his new album “Were”, featuring Jorge Pardo and Javier
Paxariño as special guests. Previously the band had released a live CD and DVD called
“Live at Play!” with the legendary flamenco singer el Guadiana.


Were 2012 - Youkali
Live at Play - CD DVD
Recording their new album: La Fiche
To be released in may 2013!

Listen to Were and Live at Play: