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So Hood Magazine’s refreshing to listen to a New York rapper such as yourself Sinsay bring something new to the hip hop game. Why do you think New York hasn’t really had much focus on our artists?
Sinsay: I think a lot of New York artist are taking the new breed of hip hop too personal because it’s not home right now. Hip hop went from the streets of New York to mainstream commercialism; instead of supporting one and another there’s too much hate in the air. Either way good music is good music no matter who’s making it.

So Hood Magazine How did you come up with name Sinsay and what does it mean? Is there a story behind it?
Sinsay: Yes, my people gave me the name after I referred to myself as a Senseia (Japanese for an authority figures or one who goes first) in one of my verses and it kind of stuck.

So Hood Magazine What are you currently working on?
Sinsay:Right now I’m working 24/7 touring and promoting the first single “Do It Big” off my upcoming EP that drops in early 2009. We’re hitting the internet hard, YouTube,,, itunes, Myspace etc. I eat, sleep and breath my music. I’m also featured on Ghetto Report DVD , Streetsmos Ent. “Street 2 Street” DVD and numerous mix tapes; including my latest mix tape Break Bread hosted by DJ Bedtyme 357 (Remy Ma’s official DJ).

So Hood Magazine you watch Barack Obama give his speech after he won the presidential election? What were your thoughts or feelings on that historic night?
Sinsay: His speech was like none other, I’ve never felt so connected to my President. Election night was like the Super Bowl. When it was announced Barack Obama is the President Elect, I felt like I won! Up until now there’s never been a person that unified not just a country but a world. How many presidents do you know have held election rallies in other countries? It’s a new day and I’m glad I’m around to see it and show my son that he really can be anything he wants to be.

So Hood Magazine Finally, what are your goals as far as future accomplishments in the hip hop game?
Sinsay: The music will keep coming. Music is my life, I will keep writing, rhyming and at some point start working behind the scenes producing. I want to be legendary YOU KNOW?!, make history.

-Interview conducted by Armando Rojas,


Specialyst Entertainment's Sinsay Presents: "The Rebirth Of Hip-Hop"
The Bronx has bred some of Hip-Hop's most legendary and notable emcees. Specialyst Entertainment's own and Bronx native Sinsay is determined to blaze that same trail, starting with his upcoming and highly anticipated mixtape "The Rebirth Of Hip-Hop."

"The Rebirth Of Hip-Hop" is set to be released on October 28th will be available for digital download on Daptiff and The project features other favorites on the scene right now such as Torch of Triple C's, Jay Rock, Mistah FAB, Corey Gunz, and Donny Goines. The hot new single "I Don't Back Down" featuring Jay Rock and Remo The Hitmaker has created a heavy buzz throughout the industry. Coupled with a show stopping performance at The Rebirth Of Hip-Hop Concert at SOB's recently, the momentum is definitely running high as Sinsay prepares for his release.

"The Rebirth Of Hip-Hop" offers an opportunity to get up close and personal with SInsay the artist as his certified tracks echo the variety of music he has to offer. Sinsay has already proven he has what it takes to hold down the Bronx's legend as he took home two UMA's this year for Best Make Rapper and #1 Contender of The Year. When asked about the release, Sinsay stated "I believe that once you hear the mixtape Hip-Hop and the Bronx especially will count on me to keep delivering real music, that heat."

- The hype magazine


Author: Jay Carter
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Posted on 2009-02-12

For most artist just getting signed alone to a label is enough these days but not for Torch. After being signed Torch applied the same grind and hard-work that got him to where he's at now and started working on the highly awaited Triple C's album and well as his solo and on his own label Specialyst Entertainment. I recently sat down with his first artist Sinsay out of the Bronx and got a first hand interview to find out everything from what he feels he's bringing new to the game, what projects he's working on to why he feels he's Next In Line and why the world needs to take notice!????

24: Introduce yourself to everyone and let them know where your repping?

Sinsay: What up world! I go by the name Sinsay and I’m repping Specialyst Entertainment as well as the Bronx, NY from 174Th Street to Castle Hill projects.

24: What do you feel you’re bringing to the game with your music????

Sinsay: I’m just me! I don’t claim to be the new coming! But, in a time of two-second nursery rhymes, I’m bringing two elements back to Hip-Hop that’s been missing for a long time along with quality and consistency.

24: Who are some artists that you would say influence you musically????

Sinsay: Tupac was my biggest influence in Hip-Hop, but my music taste is eclectic.I listen to all kinds of music R&B, Pop, and even Rock. ?

24: Tell about some of the projects you’re currently working on?

Sinsay: Where do I start? At the moment I’m working on a few mix tape projects. As we speak I’m headed to the studio to work with DJ Bedtyme on a project (untitled). I'm organizing the first of a series of concert showcases titled “The Rebirth of Hip-Hop” hosted by NYC’s DJ Envy and rotating celebrity hosts. These events will allow unsigned talent with an established fan base to come and perform for industry insiders and fans while raising funds and awareness for various non- profit organizations. The 1st event will be held on January 28th 2009 at Don Hills New York City, 511 Greenwich Street. (For additional information: In addition to putting out my next music video called GET MONEY in early 2009. I’m getting it in, on the road performing, interviews etc. I can’t even keep up (lol).

24: Who are some of the producers you have been working with and who would you love to work with in the near future?

Sinsay: I’ve been blessed to work with some of the most creative people in the game. Shot Outs to 3rd Month Music Group and Equalisaz (My in house production team). Drawzill, Carlito & Vinny, William Gone, Dunlap Exclusive, Masspike Miles, Nottz and many more. In the future I look forward to working with Timberland, Neptunes and Just Blaze. If you’re creative I want to work!?

24: Beside yourself who else would you say is Next In Line to Come out of the Bronx that the readers may not know about?

Sinsay: Look out for Torch (of Triple Cs/Specialyst Entertainment- Maybach Music).

24: What should the readers look out for from you in the near future???

Sinsay: Look out for the new EP Industry In The Streets coming real soon. More classics, video’s, mix tapes, show dates etc. 2009 Sinsay/Specialyst Ent. Real talk!?

24: How can someone find out more about to and check out your music?

Sinsay: Right here on as well as Google! (Laugh) Do a background check on Sinsay and just know that I've been grinding for years. I'm about getting up, getting out and getting something scream at me. And if you need further assistance you can hit up my publicist or People can also check for my current video Do It Big all over the internet.

24: Is there anything you want to say to the readers?

Sinsay: Just thanks for all the love and support. Keep an eye out for Sinsay/Specialyst Entertainment in 2009 and beyond because sleep is for suckas!


In Japan a sensei is a professional who has mastered their profession in reaching for their zenith. Thus I introduce Bronx emcee Sinsay, who in the last year alone has run through the most prominent showcases in New York, appeared on mixtape after mixtape and has partnered with Rick Ross’ Maybach Music Group.

With his new single, “Do It Big” (See Video Below) receiving positive feedback Sinsay is vowing that 2009 is his year. Sinsay is making waves in Hip Hop. Aside from being signed to Maybach Music, he has his Specialyst Entertainment imprint in which he’s the ringleader. The lyricist attracts fans that understand the authenticity of his music and relate to his stories.

The young emcee believes he’s on the verge of greatness and is not shy to express it. In this interview Sinsay chops it up with Hip Hop Ruckus and tells us about his year in review, his music and what lies ahead. Bronx, stand up!

YaBoyJavi: SinSay what’s good?
Sinsay: Everything is good, currently I’m on the road traveling and promoting my latest single “Do It Big” which will be on my upcoming album that drops in early ’09.

YaBoy: I heard it and I’ve been living by it – I’ve supersize every meal I’ve bought at Micky Dees [laughs]. But seriously, you have won some well-respected New York showcases such as Faces in the Crowd and Get Your Buzz Up and have released several mixtapes this year. Tell Hip Hop Ruckus readers what the past year has been like for you?
SS: Real talk this year has been crazy with all the traveling and promotions. As an artist, especially on an independent level, you never know how the public will accept your music. But I’ve been shown a lot of love by fans and DJs from coast to coast; I put in a lot of groundwork to get a buzz going for myself. And now with the help of my management team at Specialyst Entertainment, all the people over at Leira Public Relations – what up Arie – and WG Music ‘09 is gonna be mine!

YaBoy: That’s what it is. Now I received your aforementioned single “Do It Big” in my inbox recently and I couldn’t help but nod my head and two-step to it. Who produced the track?
SS: Yeah that’s a real unique track, the first time I heard it I knew I had to work with it. “Do It Big” was produced by March over at 3rd Month Music Group. He’s also one of my in-house producers/engineers. We keep a pretty tight knit group of people.

YaBoy Cool, how has the song been received by the public?
SS : The public has embraced the single. It’s been getting support all over the web on numerous music networking and video sites, multiple mix tapes, night clubs, college campuses, retail stores all over.

YaBoy: Being from Hip-Hop’s birth place in the Bronx what artists have influenced your personal style since you began rhyming?
SS There are so many artists that I pay homage to for inspiring me to get into music. But I’d have to say Tupac was my biggest influence.

YaBoy No doubt, Pac’s a legend. After being amiss for almost a decade, there is an underlying buzz that feels like Hip-Hop is rearing its head back in the direction of New York. Do you sense that climate on the underground? And if so, what do you think is the driving force behind that movement?
SS: Hip-hop never left New York as far as I know it just expanded. To me good music is good music no matter who makes it. I don’t know what’s all the hate’s about. Yeah it is true that people are these instant stars in a bag – just add water – and getting rich off the commercialism of Hip-Hop more now than ever. But instead of worry about what others are doing, I’m working on getting mine. So no, I’m not listening or waiting for Hip-Hop to swing back in my direction, I’m doing me.

YaBoy:That’s a good perspective. Via your label, Specialyst Entertainment, you connected with Rick Ross and his Maybach Music Group. Can you tell us how that relationship developed?
SS: The connection was made through Torch of Triple Cs. He’s from the same projects as me but he spent a lot of time in Miami. Torch is like a brother to me and having the same motives when it comes to the music game keeps all of us working hard to see each other succeed.

YaBoy: What is your labels relationship with Maybach Music like at the moment?
SS : This is family, point blank period from label to label, management to PR, marketing and so on. We all know that business isn’t friendship so by keeping kit 100 with each other we’re always going to be straight.

YaBoy: Sounds right. Your big push in ‘08 has brought you from the relatively obscure to one of the hottest independent artists in the game. Now that the year is rapping up what do you have lined up for ‘09?
SS : I plan on continuing to promote my music, collaborating and creating music people can appreciate and enjoy. Mark my words ‘09 is mine!

YaBoy: Any last words?
SS : Yeah, SinSay Specialyst Ent. Just know that!


Do it big (single off the "Industry in Da street" mixtape") downloaded over 10,000 first week on digiwaxx

mixtape 08- Industry in Da Street 6,000 plays on


Rebirth of Hip Hop mixtape 09 - 132,000 plays on

performed along side styles p, maino, rick ross, & jim jones @ the funk master flex car show in conn.

opened up for freeway @ don hill's IN NYC

opened up for triple c's & Jay Rock @ SOB'S IN NYC

performed during the CMJ'S @ public assembly (nyc)

opened for ness @ club fluid (phil.)

performed 4 dj toomp @ the loft (atl)



SINSAY From the inception of the Hip-Hop culture, the Bronx has been the breeding ground for musical legends and notables like Kool Keith, the Ultramagnectic MC’s, KRS One “the teacher”, and the late BIG Pun to name a few. Today the Bronx still boasts some of the industry’s most promising rising stars. With such strong musical influences surroundings, it was no surprise when 13 years old Sinsay began entertaining his family and peers with the rhymes he constructed at age 13. Word spread quickly in and around his neighborhood about his skills. Sinsay realized he had a natural gift, and music would soon become his life. In H.S. Sinsay went on to join “Livin Dead” a large rap group that was considered the Bronx Wu-Tang Clan. The group soon disbanded, and Sinsay and Drilla, one of the members Drilla became a duo rap group. Frequently compared to Jadakiss and Styles P for their dialogue style the pair soon linked up with Bobby Trends. From 2000-2001 they made appearances on his Hand 2 Hand mixtape series. Unfortunate circumstances would soon arise and Drilla was sent to prison, propelling Sinsay back into the position of a solo artist. The next few years were tumultuous and Sinsay also ended up serving prison time. Once released in 2004 he met Torch, one third of the group Triple C’s (Maybach Music). Recognizing the versatility of Sinsay’s music and his ability to create quality hooks and concepts, they created Specialyst Ent. Company. Sinsay went on to do a barrage of performances at venues throughout the city. His aggressive flow and mainstream sound created an instant buzz throughout the industry and Specialyst Ent quickly became a movement. In 2008 Sinsay released his debut mixtape “Break Bread” hosted by DJ Tear Drop and followed up with “Hungry” hosted by DJ Lexus. His current release “Industry In Da Streets” hosted by DJ Bedtyme continues to get enormous feedback. Does he want to “save” the game? Is he the next Bronx Hip-Hop legend? Sinsay is calm and laid back as he answers. “ I’m here to breathe some life back into Hip-Hop. Sinsay is the name and Specialyst Ent is the movement!”