Sin Serenade

Sin Serenade


... sin sounds so good set to music ... Sin Serenade has been described as early, stand-up bass-driven outlaw country with a gritty rock 'n' roll sensibility, but we like to call it trashy western.


We are all sinners. And if you're reading this, you must like music. Those two concepts— sinning and singing— are the basis for the band called Sin Serenade.
Conceptualized and led by a man they call Lucky Donohue, the group is a throwback to a time when country music was the most rebellious form of music around. And though modern country music is far removed from those roots, it's exactly what Donohue seems fascinated by. Add to that a wicked punk rock sensibility and raucous, hell-raising lyrics and it makes for a band that hasn't been seen in a very long time.
Roughly hewn like a sport coat made of burlap, the idea behind Sin Serenade, which also includes upright bass player/vocalist Antonia Montoya, and drummer/vocalist Mark Armijo, isn't about high fidelity. The group recently released a self-titled five song E.P. that sounds as if the group is playing in the back of a pickup truck traveling down a country road. Donohue's vocals are tinny, scratchy and gravelly, Montoya's bass is plucked with abandon and keeping time is a snare drum that rattles like an angry sidewinder's tail. It's loose. It's live. It's reckless. And if you like your country music served on a paper plate, it's downright beautiful.
~by Kevin Hopper, for The Albuquerque Journal


Sin Serenade (self-titled) EP, 2005
New Mexico Rocks Pinup Calendar Companion CD, 2006