Sins Of A Bullet

Sins Of A Bullet

 Marysville, Washington, USA

An excellent fusion of old school and new school Death Metal. Each musician in the band has very different musical backgrounds, this is what helps us write our own style of Death Metal but still have all the key elements the Death Metal fans look for.


Sins Of A Bullet started out with Alex and Kelby jamming on guitar with some mainstream rock and then moved into the blues. For a while we got pretty into bluegrass. Once we found System of a Down, we started playing that style of Hard Rock/ Metal. Eventually got a singer and Alex switched to drums. Then Kelby heard the song "Black Label" by "Lamb Of God" and showed it to Alex. This was the first song they had heard of that style of metal. The singer at that time wouldn't do scream vocals so Brett took his place in 2009, and we switched to Death Metal. We had originally recruited Brandon for bass at the time Brett joined but he had commitments to another band. Brett was the original vocalist for Brandon's band which also included Nik on guitar. Since Brandon wouldn't take the spot, we got Nik to fill it. For our first album, "Eternal Silence" it was the line up of just Alex, Kelby, Nik, and Brett. About a year after recording "Eternal Silence"; we were able to convince Brandon to join the band, moving Nik to guitar with Kelby. In mid 2012 we released our new EP, "A Devil To Embrace", which moved us from a Lamb of God/ Pantera style of metal to a more Whitechapel/ Cannibal Corpse style. This band started out playing extremely light music and has gotten heavier and heavier every year. March 2013 we begin recording our 2nd EP which will be heavier and more technical.


May 21st 2011- Eternal Silence (Debut Album)
songs in rotation at the following radios:

NW Metal Zone (

Black Collar Radio (

June 2nd 2012- A Devil To Embrace EP
Whole EP can be heard at:

May 8th 2013 we will begin recording a 2nd EP.

Lyric Videos at: