Sins Of A Nation

Sins Of A Nation

 Naperville, Illinois, USA

while we are a hard rock metal band we are incredibly diverse and very commercial, we do not use profanity in front of family's and also will do our own version of covers from bands such as AC/DC, Steel Dragon, Iron Maiden,etc. We pride ourselves on being professional and are suitable for any show


formed in 2007 Sins Of A Nation is an up and coming original band on the rise. Influenced by bands such as Disturbed, Iron Maiden,Avenged Sevenfold and Killswitch Engage this band has a new style of old and new that has fans excited as they continue to release songs out of Farview Recordings where esteemed artists such as David Shankle of Manowar, Dave Ellefson formely of Megadeth, and bands from major label Metal Blade Records record. This band prides itself on its incredible live performances with amazing frontman Dane McCartney of Judas Beast Chicago. Their lead guitarist Dave Dunsire has opened for many acts including Flock of Seagulls, Umphrey's Mcgee, and has even jammed with Chicago legends The Last Vegas when he was an original member of School of Rock Chicago. Their Guitarist Ralph Scorce has sold thousands of albums oversea's in Europe and is endorsed by Bernie Rico Guitars. They have one of the most solid drummers in the midwest on the kit known as Hammer by many and former drummer for Stapled Down. And finally completing there roster with former bassist of Lower Wacker Dusty Ravens. This is one band that keeps crowds cheering for more and always delivers.


Demo release:Self Titled

Set List

between 45 minutes to and hour and 25 depending on the show

we play occasional covers sometimes on request