Fort Myers, Florida, USA


SiNyu is a hard driven solid rock band from Southwest Florida that is dedicated to bringing their individual sound to the forefront of the music industry. Since January of 2009 SiNyu has been writing radio oriented rock that conforms to industry standards and still pleases their underground fans. For the past 8 months these young men have been filling their song roster for their debut album (to be released in early 2011 from Timeline Studios) with quality material that will be sure to captivate the listener. Controlled choreography and massive live-performance energy sets this band apart from many national standards (if we don’t move, you won’t move). SiNyu balances progressive metal licks with bursting sweet hooks behind harsh melodic vocals that send chills down your spine. The paring of rough melodic and clean pop driven vocals ensures diversity in their material, which amplifies entertainment value within their shows. Mind bending harmonies and ear shattering screams pepper their songs that would scare even the most demented minds, SiNyu delivers!!!

Sinyu Plays: Schecter and ESP/LTD guitars and basses, Mesa Boogie Heads and Cabinets, Ampeg Heads and Cabinents, DW Drums, Zildjian A Custom cymbols, We have PA if necessary


Debut album to be released this year

Set List

Sinyu Set List (Run Time: 1 hour 15 min to 1 hour 30 min)

1. D's Park
2. King
3. For We Are Many
4. Changing Stones
5. SuperHero
6. First To Fight
7. Worlds Apart
8. U2
9. Claw
10. Danger Zone(cover)
11. Alice
12. Bleed
13. Heavy Song
14. Quick Life