Siobhán O'Brien

Siobhán O'Brien


Siobhan O'Brien is an Irish Singer Songwriter who has the ability to reach and connect with her audience on an emotional level through her her unique and wide vocal range. She has played with world renowned Chieftains and has sung for various Celebrities including Bob Dylan


Siobh�n O�Brien
(pronounced Shiv-awn) hails from Limerick, Ireland. She has been entertaining audiences with her individual, unique voice and style of songwriting her whole life, literally. Siobh�n made her first audio recording at the tender age of six, with an old Burl Ives sea shanty.Siobh�n comes from four generations in the music industry. Most notably, she is the niece of 60's legend~ Brendan Bowyer In addition to Bob Dylan inviting Siobh�n on stage to sing the fox went out on a chilly night..Siobhan has supported groups and acts such as:
Henry McCullough,Donavan,Christy
Moore,The Cranberries, Maria McKee,
Sharon Shannon & Mick Flannery .
Siobh�n performed with :
Paul Brady March 09
Sharon Shannon ~Jan. 2008
Paddy Moloney from The Chieftains plays the tin whistle, low whistle, and uillean pipes on Siobh�n's latest album "Songs I grew up to" and Paddy has invited her to make a guest appearance with The Chieftains March 14, 2008 at Symphony Hall, Boston
Siobhan's 2008 US Tour starts at Symphony Hall and updates on her upcoming US tour will be posted on her website. WWW.SIOBHANOBRIEN.COM

Leonard Cohen found out Siobh�n sang many of his songs and sent her a book called "Dance Me To The End Of Love"

Unisong International voted Siobh�n in the top 10% of undiscovered songwriters in the world. 1996.
Like a Habit "Single Of The Fortnight Feb '96 Hot Press (Ireland's National Music Mag)
Like A Habit No 4 Irish Indie charts1997
Guilty of Despair and He Said I said, were in the top 4 Unplugged songs of the year 1998 /1999 (Ireland).

Showcased at SXSW Austin Texas 1999.

Beautiful Bodies �Pick of the Fortnight� Hot Press (Ireland's National Music Mag)Feb, '07
Beautiful Bodies No. 1 for 15 weeks in Irish Indie Chart 2007.
Beautiful Bodies Track Of the Day GARAGEBAND.COM Feb 2007.
My Man and Beautiful Bodies Airplay on Sirius Satellite Radio New York.
David Crosby, formerly of renowned supergroup Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, reckons that since Joni Mitchell retired,
Shawn Colvin is the best female songwriter in the world. But then he probably hasn�t heard of Gemma Hayes, Shaz Oye, or Siobh�n O�Brien.
MQ (Music Quarterly) IMRO Magazine April �07 issue.



My Man

Written By: Siobhán O'Brien

My Man he’s a shepherd man
My man he’s a fisherman
My Man he’s river man
I want to be with My Man

My Man he’s a huntin’ man
My Man he’s a country man
My Man loves his horses man
He came from the land
I love you cause you love the land
I love you cause you understand
I love you cause your roman pose
I love you cause your Gabriel Byrne nose
I love you cause I ... do

My Man he’s a truthful man
My Man he’s a giving man
My Man he’s a loving man
He’s a devotee to me, My man

My Man he’s humble man
My Man he’s spirit man
My Man he’s a star man now
Came and taught me all he know
My man is creative Man
My Man he’s a changing man
My Man he’s an honest man
He ease’s my worries, My Man
Nothing means much to me now without you X 4
Written by Siobhán O’Brien


Written By: Siobhán O'Brien


I was dreaming of Indians
Riding bareback
Living in a Tee Pee
Away from reality
Same again
I was dreaming of my man
Where the buffalo roam
He said live everyday
Like it is your last


You say i look like a Cherokee
Well i dunno Buster but
They don’t practise humility
The way that I ... do

He showed me a Pow Wow
Gathering of Nations
My people come to share
To dance and to sing
We talk about Pride and
We talk about Culture
Some people say
You’re better off red than dead


Then a Lakota in South Dakota
Told me go
South to the Pawnee
Near the Missouri
He said, Reservation Life is harsh
But these are our homelands
The Spirit of the land is
Why we stay


I said, you know your people
Helped my people once
They gave what they hadn’t
To those who had less

Choctaw, I’d like to Thank You
On behalf of my people
It helped and gave them hope
The greatest of all


Finally live on the Red road
Carry a pipe
Live with Honour, respect
And be humble
And if you do this
Everyday is a good day



Written by Siobhán O’Brien


Wanted 1988
What's It All About? 1990
Mumbo Jumbo Bla Bla Bla 1995
Like A habit - 1996
Cat's Eyes - 2005
Beautiful Bodies - 2007
Songs I Grew Up To - April 2008

Set List

Black Muddy River - Jerry Garcia
Shooting Star - Harry Chapin
All My Trials - trad arr by siobh�n O'Brien
The Fox - trad arr by Siobh�n O'Brien
The Lakes Of Ponchartrain - trad arr by Siobh�n O'Brien
The L&N don't stop here anymore - Jean Richie
While Ironing, self penned.
Lily & Al, self penned
Mumbo Jumbo bla bla bla, self penned
Burst This bubble, self penned
Brightest Star, self penned
Armour self penned
Give me back the love, self penned
Hazel To Blue, self penned
No More Encores, self penned
Indians, self penned
Girl In the War - Josh Ritter
Pocahauntas - Neil Young
1 hour set..