SIORA plays contemporary world jazz, songs in up to 11 different languages from Brazil/Latin America, U.S., Europe and Middle East--all done with our own unique arrangements--in addition SiORA has original compositions that cover provocative issues of global significance.


"Creating a soundscape that needs no translation, multicultural and multilingual SIORA takes songs from around the world, from Latin America to Europe to the Middle East and beyond, and transforms them using the universal language of jazz." (Straight No Chaser, U.K.)

SIORA features the multi-lingual singing and fiery dancing of Phyllis Chapell. Alongside Chapell is composer/arranger/keyboardist Dan Kleiman who has recorded/performed with Grammy-award winning saxophonist Ernie Watts, guitarist Mike Stern, Benny Golson, Clyde Stubblefield and the Fifth Dimension.
Drums, bass, percussion and optional horn/flute round out the ensemble.

Their most recent CD "Vis-a-Vis" is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer Paul Wickliffe. This CD is a multi-cultural journey in 7 languages, including 3 provocative original selections in English. Guest artists include Howard Levy (original member of Bela Fleck's Flecktones) on harmonica (with whom SIORA performed in 2007 at the Quito Jazz Festival in Ecuador), John Swana on trumpet, and Ralph Bowen on sax and flute. Afro-Brazilian and Middle Eastern rhythms underscore an array of wind instruments adding exotic flavor to this international odyssey. "Vis-a-Vis" placed in the top 50 on Jazz Week (the national jazz radio charts) and has been or is being played in over 30 different cities throughout the U.S., Europe and Japan. It garnered a 4-star rating from critic Scott Yanow (Downbeat, Jazz Times,, who has included Phyllis Chapell in his upcoming book on the top 500 jazz vocalists of all time.


This Moment

Written By: Phyllis Chapell/Dan Kleiman

Chorus: We can rise above it all, though eventually we fall.
Don't know how much time we have to spend...
Just got this moment, this moment, this moment...this moment, this moment this moment...

Verse 1: You know the story bout a man with no shoes, runnin' round singing the blues, til he finally found the truth on the street--he saw a man who didn't have no feet.
Often used to lament and sigh, bout all my troubles l'd weep & cry. Now every moment I realize, I'm just so lucky to be alive.
Chorus: We can rise above it all...

Verse 2: What's to become of our romance? We get together when we get the chance. Meter's running and it drives me mad but I wouldn't trade a moment of what we've had.
I wish I really knew where it all ends, are we reborn all our sins cleansed? Or just absorbed into the universe? Ah being human, such a blessing and a curse!
Chorus: We can rise above it all...

Verse 3: Took a cruise across the sea, a hurricane washed over me.
I see it as a second chance to change the rhythm in my dance.
I guess this call's my 9-1-1, my waking life has just begun.
I see the world through different eyes. Will I "bewilder" or be wise?

Chorus: We can rise above it all, though eventually we fall. Don't know how much time we have to spend...
Just got this moment this moment this moment...
Ah this moment...this moment...this moment...


Written By: Dan Kleiman

A E I O U -- all words are connected and no directive, can spoil the stew.
Skin on top of bone hides what's inside us. Our hearts combine us.
Love is the glue!

Bridge: In a time long ago,
all the lands were as one,
A connection so old, from a planet so young.
Then the world broke apart
into dissident strains
but even though the oceans divide us, still the connection remains.

A E I O U -- we are all connected
and no election makes that untrue.
Land and sea and sky all will be affected, let's be selective in what we do.


"SIORA" (Dreambox Media)
"Vis-a-Vis" (Miowan Music)

Set List

A mix of Brazilian, Latin, Middle Eastern, European tunes, and American jazz and popular music, plus original compositions.