Siphon Plane

Siphon Plane

 Glasgow, Scotland, GBR

Siphon Plane are a modern day rock band. Drawing influence from groups such as The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Muse and Black Stone Cherry, their sound is very artistic at heart but has a badass edge to go with it. The band put on a particularly energetic and engaging live show, fusing creativity with sheer intensity to create a truly memorable onstage act.


Siphon Plane are a Scottish rock band currently based in Glasgow.
With a great passion for performing live, Siphon Plane pull out all the stops to engage audiences all across the country, holding their core ideals for entertainment and professionalism close to their hearts.
Influenced by bands such as "Red Hot Chili Peppers", "Foo Fighters", "Muse" and "Black Stone Cherry" the band have a good, solid sound, accessible to many and with a new EP under their belts they have their sights set on nationwide recognition.

The songs from the EP reflect a diverse array of moods, aiming to appeal to listeners on many different levels. This also relates to the title of the band itself, "Siphon Plane" meaning a distraction from reality to a parallel plane of existence - songs about real issues looked at in a different way.



Written By: Doog Roberts

It's sunny where I lay
Under the May sky,
The sun feels fine
So i'l put my heart on the line

As sure as the past
Haunts me with it's qualms,
The world's too big
To fit in my palms

The time of secrets longing to meet,
No one said the word thats trembling softly

So think what you may
Under the sky

Sunrise sinking away


'Stag' EP-2011 (Some tracks featured by Tom Russell 96.3 Rock Radio)