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Today we come to you with a some love for a good friend and a fellow fan of Fresh2Muerte. The name’s Jin, AKA a music maker. zombie of the night, heartbreaker and hippie. Well we are proud to announce his new CD, MOON MUSIC, just released today and it has received nothing less than praise from all of his fans. This guy takes our motto, “Live Free. Wear Fresh.” to heart and to be honest, i’ve had Moon Music on rerun on my speakers since its release.

Jin is already featured on MTV.com, http://www.mtv.com/artists/sipjinny, and ton’s of sites online, so make sure you check it out and keep the great reviews coming. This man brings the his smooth voice, mixes it to his catchy lyrics, and matches it with the beat like a perfect marriage. His sound introduces you to his smooth Cali lifestyle and makes your head bump with traces of Pop and Electo to bring you what some have reviewed as “the newest hot shit out.”

Also, don’t forget to check out the hit single from Moon Music, “Die Young.” He’s in the process of making the music video and sent us this pic of him rocking our exclusive, “Carpe the damn Diem” tee.

Much love to ya Jin and keep the magic coming my friend.

Live Free. Wear Fresh. Fresh2Muerte.com

-Naso - Fresh2Muerte

"Sip Some Jinny and Vibe Out To This Moon Music"

Un-buckle your seat belts and get ready to take an intergalactic trip with Jin (Bay Area, California) on his newest release Moon Music.
As the title suggests, this collection of songs are out of this atmosphere. Combining elements of EDM, pop, urban, and rock, Jin takes listeners on a trip around the galaxies.
This record is focused on the pursuit of happiness, but more importantly, Jin wants us to realize our potential of living a lifestyle that sustains everlasting happiness.
Jin teamed up with musician/songwriter/producer megaMIKE Calpito of (Third Nature Music Group, LLC). This is first class production with first class songwriting to provide you the first class experience you deserve. Float away in style with Moon Music. - Middle Tennessee Music

"JIN skruer et godt popnummer sammen"

Hvordan lyder hitlisten i efteråret 2012? JIN og MEGAMIKE CALPITO er ude med nummeret Locked Down. Singlen hører ikke blandt de voldsomme elektropop numre, men mere et afdansningsnummer. Og efter flere år med fuld knald på fra genrerne Dance og House, er denne kombination af nærmest Usher lignende vokal med harmoniske electro rytmer en velkommen afveksling til den nuværende mainstream.
JIN er en musiker der præges af stor mangfoldighed og gå-på-mod, og har samlet værdifuld erfaring hos blandt andet Johnny Fresh, DBS og 3AM. Han er derfor også den store trumf på MEGAMIKE CALPITOs første solo udspil Moon Music, der kombinerer EDM, Rock og Pop. - Soundiac

"Jin - Locked Down"

So I am I’m just goofing around on soundcloud and I just so happen to land upon this track. Even though it is a tad repetitive, that hypnotizing bass line and vocalist puts you in an epic trance. I know your all thinking the same thing as I am. Who the hell is Jin? Turns out no one knows because I couldn’t find any info on this guy. Hey maybe I just discovered the new big thing in the electro genre! Doubt it. But it is fun to discover the newer artists. Hopefully Jin continues to pump out good music as he has gotten my attention for now. - Chameleon Tunes

"Jin Is A Must Know Artist"

Whats up party people? I just got done listening to a brand new song by a brand new artist and once you finish listening this jam your really going to wish you were me.

I must admit it is pretty cool being the Spokesman. I just heard another classic club jam before any of you and I get the honor of introducing you to the artist behind the magic.

He goes by the name of Jin and his latest release "Locked Down" is pure magic. Not only is a sure fire club classic the song is finally something the fellas can relate to. I call it pop but most of you would try to be a little more specific and classify it as electronic or house music. Never the less, I believe the song is better than great and perfect for any club, party or wedding. I am personally going to spin "Locked Down" later this month when I DJ a former classmates wedding on August 18th.

I still have plenty to learn about Jin the artist, but I have learned some interesting facts regarding his career. As a member of 3AM, Jin and the group became the first all Indian music group to hold the number one spot for several weeks on a U.S. Top 40/Pop BDS radio station (KMVQ-FM 99.7Now!) with their hit “Bass Hits Hard”. The song even beat out artists like Rihanna and Drake, holding the number 1 position on the “Top 9 at 9” countdown.

As well, Jin has recently partnered with a musician, producer and songwriter from the Bay Area of California by the name of Mega MIKE of Third Nature Music Group. The two have worked together on his debut solo project entitled “Moon Music”, an eclectic compilation of EDM, rock, and pop. The Moon Music is described as the brainchild of Mega MIKE’s musicianship and Jin’s carefree lyrics.

If your anything like me your search high and low for new talent in the music industry. Today here is your temporary fix. Check out the song below but make sure you follow Jin and Mega Mike on twitter. Visit the website for more music and reload your cool meter by playing this jam at your party. - Spokesman Speaks

"Electric Honey Comb: Artist Spotlight"

We live in an age which is so full of musical talent, with geniuses that can come up with the most stunning sounds and melodies that we would’ve have thought were impossible to create. The phenomenal masterpieces that they manage to come up with thanks to their vast expertise and dexterity excites our senses and bring to us to such great amazement that it literally puts us in a state of disbelief in regards to what we are hearing.

Chances are that most of you can relate to the feelings I’m evoking right now, but if you haven’t heard Jin’s music before, you probably haven’t felt these feelings as strongly as you will when you do hear it. Before you even get the chance to hear it or to hear any sort of critique about his sounds, just put the case that he has been part of the bands DBS, Johnny Fresh, and 3AM. Put the case that he has had the gusto to overtake the rankings of songs by some of the most famous stars in the world, like Rihanna, Lil Wayne, Drake, or Swedish House Mafia (just to name an infinitesimally small portion of them) back when he was still amidst his partnership with 3AM, with their massive hit, “Bass Hits Hard”, by securing the #1 spot for several weeks on the American Top 40 chart. Now, put the case that he has started on a new page, affiliated with musician, producer, and lyricist megaMIKE, the latter being a part of the Third Nature Music Group, LLC production company, after all of these different episodes with other artists, full of experience and expertise from a musical standpoint.

Hit “Read More” to find out what makes him a unique EDM vocalist:

What has the result given? I consider it needless to say that Jin has come out as one of the most talented and experienced of his genereation of electronic music vocalists.

His first release in collaboration with megaMIKE, which is also his only one so far is entitled “Locked Down” (you can listen to it below). The track starts off like your average rock track: some decent singing, and a guitar in the background. One might might probably not be able to distinguish the fact that it is and EDM (electronic dance music) track.

However, even from the beginning anyone who would pay close attention to it would understand that it really is electronic music: the tempo is fast (130 beats per minute — an average EDM tempo), and of course, the most obvious is 45 seconds into the song when the background music fades out although it had been climbing throughout the entire intro: this announces a breakdown, which we don’t see in such a layout in pop, rock, or any other genre of music — only in EDM. It then continues in the same fashion and eventually progresses into a build-up, and into a rather jerky and bouncy house drop (note that there aren’t vocals in the climax — yet another sign pointing to the EDM genre). It obviously hasn’t become the rock song we expected it to be in the first seconds.

But if the fact that it’s electronic music should have been so obvious from the very beginning, why did we even think it was another genre? Well, take into consideration the lyrics of vocals we hear in most electronic music: 9 times out of 10, they are extremely bland. Lyrics just as well as vocals in these genres, whether it’s trance, dubstep, minimal, or any other sub-genre, have never been considered to be an important aspect of the song. Also take into consideration the quality of the vocals themselves: they often are quite mediocre as well. A good synth in a track can sometimes be even more important than a vocal.

So if that’s how unmistakably obvious the usual vocals tend to be, how could we even fathom the possibility of this track being EDM, when we were put face to face with vocals as great as Jin’s? His vocals and lyrics are at a totally different level of skill in comparison with what we can usually expect from EDM. They are as good, if not better, than the ones that we would hear in genres of music where vocals are the predominant “instrument”. In genres like those, taking the vocals out of the track would make it repetitive, boring and clearly missing a huge element. The opposite is therefore true too: for example, taking the vocals out of a house song would still leave a nicely sounding track, but taking the electronic support out of a house song with vocals would make the vocals sound very off. Here, both the vocals and the electronic support are of great quality, and would still sounds great if any of the two are removed.

This is something we haven’t seen before, and it is what truly makes Jin special as a vocalist. We need more like him in the EDM scene: people who can take the pros out of various genres to make a track which combines them all together, like what we have just witnessed here. A big kudos to Jin as well as his producer for this stellar creation. - Electric Honey Comb


Moon Music EP (2012 Third Nature Music Group, LLC)



JIN [jin] noun.
Twenty and some change. Known by the name.
Music Maker. Zombie Of The Night. Heartbreaker. Hippie.

Carrying a musical past amongst various collaborative groups from: DBS, Johnny Fresh, to 3AM, Jin has spent his time learning and developing his sound and artistic craft. His past ventures have not only helped expand his musical talent, but also grow and secure a foundation of personal relationships with tastemakers and industry professionals.
As a member of 3AM, Jin and the group became the first all Indian music group to hold the number one spot for several weeks on a U.S. Top 40/Pop BDS radio station (KMVQ-FM 99.7Now!) with their hit “Bass Hits Hard”. Beating out artists like Rihanna and Drake, holding the number 1 position on the “Top 9 at 9” countdown was merely a taste of his abilities as an artist.

Jin has currently partnered with Bay Area, CA musician/producer/songwriter megaMIKE Calpito (Third Nature Music Group, LLC) on his debut solo project entitled “Moon Music”. An eclectic compilation of EDM, rock, and pop, Moon Music is the brainchild of megaMIKE’s musicianship and Jin’s carefree lyrics. The project is based around the idea of pursuing what makes you happy by living the life that will sustain everlasting happiness.

From autotune dance pop to campfire acoustic songs, Jin has traveled the necessary paths to help him understand and shape the road he was destined to explore. “The two greatest moments in my life were the day I was born and the day I learned what I was born to do.” - Jin.