sippin on that soda juice

sippin on that soda juice

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Written By: sippin on that soda juice

intro: hit single conversation
check me out

we need to sitdown and have a conversation
cause boy your mine, you hurt my pride
and left a bigwound inside
so i need to know what we can do
can we settle it or can you just be threw
tell me what's goin on boo

verse 1 :
telephone ringing
boy can i talk to you
let me start off on what you did
we need to sit down and have a talk right now
all these years somethings been goin down
you out striving time with another chick
while she up your house sucking your dick
i wait for you all day the clock goes tick
remeber all the fun we had this year
why you wanna go on and leave me in tears
i apologize for everything i couldn't do
i was born to pop my coochie, turn around and shake my booty
to the girl you was with
you wouldn't win my man
he want me
hope this what you said boo
i heard she's not all that to yooooooooooooou
cause she can't do it like i do
so put the trophy on the shelve

repeat chorus1:

it's gonna be some drama tonight
everybody comin out to watch the fight tonight it's goin be some hair pullin knockin out tonight so make sure you stay in the window to see the drama tonight cause this girl got my man cause this girl got my man

it's gonna be some drama tonight so make sure you get your earrings out and your hair braided tight
pass the dutch and get your sleep on cause if you wanna have drama you gotta be apart
make sure you get crunk steal your bestfriends man
cause i know if she sees you with him she ain't goin understand make sure you get the best of her cause i know he gonna wanna be with her

repeat chorus2:
repeat chorus1:4x