Sir Glenn Lamar
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Sir Glenn Lamar

Atlanta, GA | Established. Jan 01, 2014

Atlanta, GA
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Indie




"Sir Glen Lamar – Watch Them Kill Each Other"

With the sultry Southern slur to his delivery, newcomer Sir Glen Lamar holds himself to a higher standard with bars reminiscent of early Outkast and Goodie Mob flavor. Truly an innovator, the Atlanta native greets us some where in the middle of mass market entertainment value and conscious rap with the first single released from his upcoming EP. Welcome back substance, we’ve missed you dearly. Listen to “Watch Them Kill Each Other” below. - Stereo Assualt


Still working on that hot first release.



Born Glenn Lamar Miles II in Atlanta, GA, Sir Glen was raised simply as "Lamar" by his mother and father along with two sisters on Glendale Dr. in Decatur. The recently knighted "Sir" fondly remembers summers spent at his grandparent's home on the slow southern streets of Tifton, GA, an upbringing he credits for his laid back demeanor and humbleness personified in art. With these roots, he grew th...rough the varied lenses of a multi-layered perspective branching from what plagued the communities he loved and the country he belonged to, but more importantly, he progressed through the ideas it fostered and the pains he struggled to express. At age nine after witnessing the demise of his home and his parents' divorce, Sir Glen began to express that deep frustration of his ever present struggles in potent lyrical form. By age 10 he was hooked. That hooked 10 year old finally acted as an ever learning 16 year old and he hustled the support needed to record his first song titled "Takeover". All of this was done in a makeshift studio using a patchwork of old DJ recording equipment and fueled by the energetic passion of the need to speak out in love, in pain and in protest. The track brought Sir Glen amusement. But it also brought accolades and encouragement from peers, leading a young man for the first time in his life to consider one day telling the world his observations in musical form.

So what did he do next? He listened to the pragmatists, dropped the mic and went to college.

Sir Glenn attended Morehouse College, in Atlanta. Though now an alleged academic and no longer moved by the provocation of poetry, every once in a while he was seized by the need to comport his words into rhythmic descriptions, leading to nights spent penning private rhymes to satisfy the needs of a forever lingering hobby. What was the next step? What would he do with his slow southern slur and his ink stained bonded book of rhymes? He naturally became the legislative aide for a Member of Congress in the U.S. House of Representatives, and would comfortably admit to friends and family alike his devotion to a career. Two years he went without writing even a single syntactically sound syllable of musical thought. His career blossomed. His soul suffered in deafening silence.

This had to stop. This had to change. And one day after finally being moved to move pen to paper Sir Glen wrote a song called "Our Love". It surprises no one then that this burst of melodic musings was motivated by a woman whose name he today wouldn't dare print but whose perceived misdeeds could fill the papers of tomorrow. While this incited what had been pensive, it wasn't until the passing of a 26 year old cousin that Sir Glen seriously began to pursue a career as a recording artist. Expressing the lasting embodiment of that forever pressing moment as: "Losing my cousin at such a young age helped me to realize the fragility of life, and I made the decision to do what I love whether the world approves of it or not."

W e're happy and proud to report that Sir Glen has done just that. We have unshakable confidence in his abilities and combined with his passion for writing, recording, and performing, this multifaceted artist has driven himself to pursue his dream despite the inevitable permanent societal assumptions that will follow this congressional staffer turned verbal composer once the first lyric of his first song is heard. "We all have dreams as children, but these dreams often fade as quickly as they emerge...being a recording artist is the one dream that never left me. I may have been temporarily distracted by the daily routines of life from time-to-time, but this little voice inside of me kept saying that this is what I was born to do. It eventually got so loud that I couldn't ignore it anymore, so I decided to listen."

We listen to Sir Glen's style because it is smooth and witty with a distinct southern flare. His content ranges from political, to personal, to what can only be termed as "feel good", making him relatable to an audience as varied as his thoughts. He relies on storytelling, rhyme schemes, and cadences to hit you hard where it hurts and say the things that linger long after the guitars fade and the curtains fall. We do not tell you this to influence how you feel about the music. And we do not say it to endear you to Sir Glen. We tell you because everyone has a story of why they feel motivated to do the things that they do, regardless of odds, and in spite of the absence of success. This is the story of one man who dedicated himself to give something to you and only you.

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