A truly unique experience that will blow your mind when you see them on a stage with hundreds of fans. An energetic, young, fresh outfit with boundless creativity and in a league of their own, there is simply nothing like it.


Sirca is an effulgent seven-piece new age Roots monster from the city of Adelaide. Formed in early 2007 they are quickly carving their own path through the music industry, producing a smooth infectious sound to an ever swelling audience. Together they produce large, exciting, complex, lush arrangements and deliver them in a way that sounds natural and fluid. Often being compared to The Dave Matthews Band, Sirca offer an expansion and freshness to the genre creating a contagious vibe both on CD and at their live shows. In their true element on the stage, expect to see lots of dancing fans, weird mike twirling, and huge ass drum and percussion solo’s.


Sirca - Self titled debut album
Dance For Me - Single - General rotation on Edge Radio, FBI radio, Radio Adelaide and 3d Radio. Has received decent airplay on Triple J & Nova FM

Set List

Sirca Ideally like to do a 1 1/2 hour set, however, the band can create a sonic journey in any allotted set time.