Sir Cracker

Sir Cracker

 Richmond, California, USA
BandHip HopComedy

Im a United States Born white male thats tried of being stepped on & over looked. Using my first admendment im going to go & be on to voice my opinion. From politics to street activities, to the individuals that seem to think im an easy target pls beware my bit is bigger then my bark so be advised


im a white male from Richmond, CA. in my 32 years ive learned a lot. First and most important. you have to give respect to get respect. As well as you need to love everything and everyone just as equal. it sounds crazy but its the only way that you wont ever have to be disappointed or be token advantage of by the ones that we do decide to consider your close loved ones. To me the making of music is a big science project. So that how i go around about doing so. if i have an idea i'll take the time to try and see if it is possible that it made the song more appealing to me the producer and of course you the listener.


Golden State Resident ~ Illegal Search & Seizure
1. pop bottles
2. franchizee player
3 bull shitter
4. straight to the studio
5. golden state resident
6. get your hi on
7 california (short vision )
8. P.C. 1000
9. in the building
10. how low
11. rap or die
12. run in run out
13. im hungry
14. rolling hills
15. rest your neck
16. act up
17. rubber necking
18. moody & cracker

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