We've got that real rock edge that comes through in the drums and lead guitar. We've also got that British melancholy in the melodies, helped out by keys. There are many influences that shape our sound.


Sire was formed in the spring of 2004, with Ilan and Nick meeting up to jam, with an eye for having a go at the Montreal Music scene. After some interesting candidates were met with Paul, Dan and Oliver joined to complete the sound. Sire is now a beast made up of a powerful drummer, an electrifying lead guitarist, the king of keyboards, and vocals that catch more than just your ear. The fun part about Sire, both being in it and watching it in it's natural habitat on stage, is that so many influences come together oh so well. Of course there is always an ear on the standard influences like the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin, but some modern bands capture part of what Sire appreciates in music. Muse, Keane and Jeff Buckley succeed in putting spectacular vocals as the centerpiece of their music, and the new wave of bigger-than-Jesus indie bands known how to throw energetic beats at you. Sire knows this and observes, and blends it like your favorite bartender at your local watering hole.



Written By: Ilan Shahin

It's a lazy day in Sydney
And I'm missing her again
Her smile never did leave me
And I'm wanting her again
It's so hard to say what drives it
Her body and her mind for me
And it's fair to say I'm longing
But it's not for her to see

Why did I cross this minefield uncovered?
I was doing okay but then my mind wandered
I was almost there
We took all the good things laughs and sweet dreams
Buried them alive but they're resurrected
I was almost there

There certainly were bad times
Now that I think of her again
And they will always weigh on my mind
Now that I think of her again
And I never want to see them
Watch me taken by the hand
And they'll lead me down and down and down
To the depths of this land

Will she ever leave my mind at ease?
Lord I hope so
You know I hope so

Say Something

Written By: Ilan Shahin

It's a long, long way down to this nothing
I, I wish I had all the cures,
And oh, oh how I wish you would say something
Don't tell me these thoughts are not yours


I'm tired, tired of taking all the blame
I'm hearing it now
I'll miss hearing you say my name
Now there's silence all around

Oh the skies, the skies are darkening
But the stars, the stars are shining bright
And I know, I know it's me that you're after
How I wish I'd want to stay the night


I'm tired, tired of taking all the blame
I'm hearing it now
I'll miss hearing you say my name
Now there's silence all around


Rise up, we fell, love me now
I'm here but I won't stay around
Oh take my hand and lead me up
Find my way, find my way to your love


"Calling For Echoes" EP 2006

1- Say Something
2- Again
3- Underneath
4- My Town
5- Lover Truth
6- Anthem
7- Dot on the Highway

"October Session" Pre-Production October 2005
1- Again
2- Say Something
3- Pacified
4- Underneath
5- Extreme Pleasure
6- In the Cards
7- Dot on the Highway

Sire (demo) - November 2004
1- Running Away for Good
2- This is the Story
3- With You

Set List

Our typical set list is about 7-10 songs, for a total of 40 minutes. We do not do covers as part of our set. For example, this was the setlist from our last gig:

Say Something
Take to the Hills
Lover Truth
My Town