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Siren's Rain

Tacoma, Washington, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2015 | SELF

Tacoma, Washington, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2015
Band Metal Folk




"Top 5 Acts to See at Fallen Fest 2020"

Travelling across the border from Washington, Siren's Rain exemplifies the diverse genre aptitude of musicians. Their unparalleled songs blend traditional folk with death metal. Immerse yourself in a cacophony of shrieking vocals amidst the tender flute and eloquent mandolin. Experience the music as it embraces themes of rebirth, renewal and revival. A manner universally experienced by humanity and beyond. The instrumental melodies of Siren's Rain will have festival-goers humming in ecstasy. - Rekt Chords Magazine

"Siren's Rain: Embrace Fear"

About 330 million souls express well the mix of musical styles that a country can produce. The American folk metal group Siren's Rain captivates by the paradoxes found in “13 Steps To Hell”: melodies of Celtic flutes that do not leave our head and that contrast with cavernous voices, rich instrumental section that combines keyboards with vocal experimentalism… Everything reasons to pay attention to Siren's Rain, who have the main thing to do: fresh ideas and a very sharp sense of melody. With time and dedication they will be a reason for conversation. - Metal Hammer Portugal

"iren’s Rain – ‘Nightmares from the Abyss’ (2019)"

I would like to think I am pretty familiar with most folk metal bands here in the US but every now and again one springs up that I hadn’t come across. Considering that they are on the other side of the country (the Pacific Northwest to be exact), Siren’s Rain are now in the conversation. Formed in 2014, this unit has released a previous EP in 2016 (“Beneath The Narrows”) and are now issuing a follow up EP entitled “Nightmares From The Abyss”. Featuring 5 tracks (6 if you count the regular and single version of the track “Nightmare”) totaling about 25 minutes of tuneage. Before I started into the new one, I listened to the debut EP and liked what I heard …and was surprised by how much they have in common with what I like to call “The Baltimore Sound” which acts like Sekengard, Isenmor and definitely most closely Teshaleh have been growing over the last few years. I would say there is a dirge and more symphonic edge and world music to their overall sound. With it looks to be 8 members now, Siren’s Rain I think is still forging their sound and with this many players, that certainly makes sense. From a folk instrument perspective, you will get some flute, fiddle, hurdy gurdy and keys along with the guitar, bass and drums so a lot potentially going on. Vocally, there is the primary female vocals and brooding, heavier backing vocals that take the forefront on occasion. I was hoping for something a little more up tempo at least in one track but most tracks are pretty mid paced. Is this good or bad? Well ordinarily I like some diversity with this style and I think a little faster a track would serve them well. From a song writing perspective, the tracks are pretty straightforward and easy to grasp……that’s a good sign and makes them easy to remember. I would say that my overall feeling that while this is enjoyable is that it is pretty “safe” and doesn’t really push the envelope where it could. Highlights for me are definitely “Nightmare” which I have been humming all week and “13 Steps To Hell” which is the heaviest and darkest track here. Sound quality is on par with maybe a little too much folk instrumentation up in the mix but for an independent release it is certainly above what you would normally get. For a 2nd EP this is definitely a step in the right direction with a lot of moving parts and tons of possibilities. Siren’s Rain have put out a solid collection of tracks and have the potential to crush it on a next release…..decent EP. - Folk Metal Magazine


Nightmares from the Abyss (2019). 

Beneath the Narrows (2016, 2018). 



Offering a layered composition of metal and traditional folk instruments, Siren’s Rain is the premiere folk metal band in Washington State, blending the new with the timeworn. With each album comes rebirth, renewal, and revival. Siren’s Rain is devoted to weaving the haunting and torrid tales of the mysterious North West in song and soul.  

 Comprised of operatic and bloody shrieks, thundering bass, power hungry guitar, traditional mandolin, maddening percussion, and various other mayhems, we proudly bring you your hopes and fears from the sinister corners of your mind. This compelling and hypnotic collection of performers will entangle your senses in a tempest of sight and sound.

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