Siren City

Siren City


With a modern alt. rock sound infused with enough melodic pop influence to entice the masses - Siren City are setting out to dominate rock radio and the world.


Siren City

This is your introduction to yet another band in Denton's impressive stable of up and coming rock groups. Siren City, however, seems to have something that sets this group apart from the other emerging artists in town. With an impressive rapport with some of the area's most well respected artists, and a sound that rivals any more storied groups, Siren City is a band on the cusp of making a huge splash in DFW's music scene.

A large part of their future success is going to be riding on their debut EP, something that Mark Hutchison said they have been waiting for for a long time now. "It's a relief," said Hutchison.

This is as impressive debut as I have ever heard. Their sound is crisp and clean but retains that all important edge you crave in a rock band. They carry a very versatile approach to their music that has me wondering what kind of music fans will be most responsive to their style. Right now it is hard to say. They have not pigeonholed themselves into one specific genre. They are both hard rock and melodic with enough pop influence to appeal to the general music fan. It is very, very exciting to speculate what Siren City could be capable of in the future, but as for now their debut EP should satisfy all your musical needs.

- Josh Hogan: My Denton Music


Siren City EP (2009)

Set List

Beside You
After All
Afraid of the World (Paranoid)
Grey Skies