Siren City

Siren City


Music that takes a punk rock enery and rawness and rounds it off with hook laden pop sensibilities.

Music developed out of the eclectic musical tastes of five young men, for the listening pleasure of many.


Take one slick tongued Durhonian, one glorious Lakeland minstrel, one tone consumed Lancashire sweeteh pie, an Essexy salcious groove fiend, and a well spoken Coventryite eager to plumb your ears with sticksmanship. Grindcore hard in a bowl of Chester. Serve loud.

As said, we localise in Chester, however due to advances in mechanics and cartography we are able to play elsewhere. Maybe, one day, everywhere, simultaneously. Until then we intend to leave aural breadcrumbs made from the finest nickel-wound dough across the frontiers of our youth. Taste. Savour the nutrients.

Siren City.