Siren - Protectors of the Rainforest

Siren - Protectors of the Rainforest


Siren - Protectors of the Rianforest is a group comprised of five dancers and four percussionist playing tribal drum rhythms and soukous music. Our main goal is to raise awareness to the disappearing congo forest by presenting the indeginious culture in that region through drama, dance and music


Mambo Tse, the founder and organizer of this group has been dancing for over 15 years and has toured the world with her groups and other groups like Akoya Afrobeat, Jordan Kusa, Baby Black Nduomde, Soukous Stars, Imo & 1 Africa, Seun Kuti to name a few but she realized that there was a huge hole in the music scene and that was the drumbeats of the streets of central africa combined with the traditional nature of african music. She approached Jojo Kuo who was the drummer in Fela Anikulapo Kuti's Egypt 80's band and the rest as the say is history.

With Jojo's expertise in building bands like Amayo's Fu Arkistra, he dived into the project headfirst to create some of the most invocative drum rhythms that enforces the thanks we have for the return of the drums to the african hands. We created a one hour show entitled "But I still had my feet, Creating my own Beat & I still had my hands creating my own dance. Our repertoire includes a lot of hand clapping, waist winding, foot stomping that is sure to have every member in the audience enraptured and entertained. With the modest acrobatic movements, the audience will defintely have their eyes and mouths wide open.

Other dance groups will dance and move while the audience watches, we will dance and move and encourage the audience to learn, dance and activively participate in conserving the rainforest through reducing, reusing, & recycling. We actively participate in this by giving away 20% of our proceeds to build drinking water wells and educating people in Cameroon Africa on AIDS, family planning, arts, technology and appreciation of other cultures within the central african region. All our costumes are made from recycled materials like Hammocks, Beer caps, Sweaters from thrift shops, etc


Jojo Kuo has recorded with Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Sam Fan Tomas, and currently has singles playing in Nigeria, Cameroon

William Ruiz - In New York, Cipriani

Collectively - Itanyesha, Protecting the Rainforest (still to be released)

Set List

7 Songs spaning from the Amazon to Cote D'Ivoire to Congo.

1. Spirits are watching - Drama with stilt dancer - 10 minutes

2. Poetry - Here is My Story - audience participation in their seats 30 secs

3. Tanzania - Saida - 5 mins

4. Cameroon Bikutsi with acrobatic finish - 5 mins

5. Atalaku from Congo - 3:30 minutes

Drummers improvise with the audience - 15 minutes

6. Docta Musica - Washiwara - Playback or live performance based on budget with drummers filling in to create the carnival feel. - 5 mins

7. Jirbo Ntunta - Fire - Soukous Dance from COngo - 10 min

8. MaVicky - Uganda/Tanzania - some Audience members on stage and then finale by dancers - 8mins

9. Introduction of band members with music and dance -5mins

End of show.

Encore if demanded by audience

We do not do covers