Siriun Geometry

Siriun Geometry


SIRIUN GEOMETRY is a progressive rock band from Niagara Falls, New York offering songs with lyrics that embrace intelligent exploration into the mysteries of consciousness.


SIRIUN GEOMETRY (ASCAP) is an ever expanding, musical exploration. With a strong hunger for art & diversity, this band continues to follow the White Rabbit further down the rabbit hole. Some of Siriun Geometry's collective interests, other than music, are: Political Awareness, Spiritual Activation, Social & Personal Consciousness-Evolution, Smilling & Laughing, Being Sarcastic, Universal Mathematics, & Cats.

Siriun's debut album, Earthworm, was released on April 21, 2007. Siriun plays steadily in New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and other regions of the Northeast US, attracting a stronger draw with each live show.

Siriun Geometry evolved into existence in April 2006. The original trio, Danny J (vocals, guitar, synth), Johnny Allen (guitars, keys), and Sevil Sprawl (drums & percussion), have performed together for most of their lives. In September 2006, long-time friend and performer, Mario Nobilio, joined the band as bass player. So far, you can find Siriun Geometry promoted this year in Guitar World, Guitar One, the 2007 Guitar World Buyer's Guide, and in the 2006 Lollapalooza festival guide.

This band never stops adding to their catalog of songs, leaving room for improvisation they often weave into their live shows.

Siriun Geometry is immediately expanding into the national music scene with performances and media appearances throughout the U.S. Already they have performed alongside national acts including; Mushroomhead, Inherence, Kittie, Nonpoint, 36 Crazyfists, Walls of Jericho, Soil, STEMM, Ventana, As Summer Dies, Marc Rizzo of Soulfly, Scum of the Earth, Suicide City, Mower and Otep.


NEW ALBUM titled "Earthworm" is OUT NOW featuring "Funambulance," "Mirrored In The Flesh," and more.

Attention radio stations: All Siriun Geometry songs are encoded for radio by BDS and Mediabase.

Set List

A typical live set is 30-60 minutes.

Full songs from the forthcoming album are woven together with extended instrumental "explorations" that come off to the audience as improvisational. Siriun Geometry has a dynamic stage show.

Songs include:

Mirrored In The Flesh
Grateful To Know Her
Out Of Focus