Sir Jay

Sir Jay

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The best new music simply titled "music of the future".


Born and raised in Milwaukee, I was addicted to music at a young age and just began creating different things for myself to get [myself] ready for the music world. I didn't realize that it was this much fun and I hope people continue to like or love my music because it comes from the heart. My musical influences were simply anybody that did music that I could understand. I on the other hand try to keep my music seperate from the rest so that I am at least interesting to the ear.


At the present time I do not have any discs out because I have just written music but my best friend and boss [James C. Brooks Jr.] gave me an opportunity to show and prove my talent. I am working on my first album [No Compaints, No Regrets] releasing in June with my first hit single "Still Gangsta".

Set List

This depends on what the event is but I would like 2-4 songs [30 min] is what one of my sets would be like.