Sir Richard Wentworth

Sir Richard Wentworth


Dead-on themes and pieces in styles from punk to crunk, from sensitive minimal piano to hard rock to soaring orchestral swagger -- if your project needs it, I can make it happen.


Once leader of the 90's surf-punk band 'Bald Guys, Sir Richard has been honing his craft for over 15 years. Sir Richard has worked on a variety of short and feature film projects in Boston, LA and Chicago.


Film music by Sir Richard Wentworth:
Bystander OST (currently in post-production)
Stagemother OST (currently in pre-production)
The Investikids OST (in production)
In the Land of Merry Misfits OST (2007)
Longtime Listener OST (2006) OST (2006)
The Book Circle OST (2002)

As Frolik Happenstance:
Into the Green (Self-produced CD-R 2001)

As 'Bald Guys:
Blue Hands - 7" (Zippah 1994)
Let Loose the Kraken - 7" (Supple 1996)
Secret Mission to Spy Island - 7" (Stanton Park, 1997)
Old Atlantis Town - 7" (Dionysus, 1998)