Sir Splendid

Sir Splendid


Sir Splendid is a rock/indie/alternative. Drawing inspiration from bands such as the Kinks, Beatles, Rush, Floyd, Zepelin, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan.


Sir Splendid is based out of San Diego, Cali.

The first album Lords & Peacocks was Marcus' baby. Paul C played drums while Marcus wrote all the songs/lyrics and played all the instruments. The album was inspired by Marcus' love of 60's 70's british rock.

The second album Sinister Purpose, out early 2008, Marcus enlisted the help of bassist Christian Schinelli. Schinelli evokes the bass playing of John Paul Jones or J. Enthwistle. Schinelli has a jazz-funk background that adds what most other rock bands today dont have.

Marcus and Schinelli both are natives of San Diego. Paul C is born and raised in Bournemouth, England.

Paul C and Marcus were founding members of the electro-experimental band Square Circle. Square Circle is a two time San Diego Music Award winning band. While playing in Square Circle 2001 till 2002 they opened for live acts such as Depeche Mode (side stage at Coors Ampitheatre), The Missing Persons, Afro Man, and Princess Super Star.

Sir Splendid is influenced by a number of bands: The Beatles, The Kinks, The Byrds, Cream, The Who, Rush, Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Roy Harper, The Small Faces and the list goes on.

Between Marcus, Paul C and Schinelli they have played hundreds of gigs. As Sir Splendid they have been playing live since July 2006. Now they have the San Diego circuit down so they are ready to bring the noise to other places far and near.


Mr. Sickameantwister

Written By: Marcus T. Barron

-Mr. Sickameantwister and his wife Olanear
-They had a little problem with a box full of fear
-See they were living a clean life until the dirt rushed in
-She started trippin and shakin, she started saying

oh baby I have no care
Im seeing you everywhere
you say you do when you dont
you say you will when you wont
youre saying nothing

- Now Mr. Sickameantwister, he had his eyes on the prize
-opened the gates to his fortress in comes the master of lies
-now egotism and a glass full of class keeps him up for a red sunrise
- He started trippin and shakin
- He started saying

oh baby I have no care
Im seeing you everywhere
you say you do when you dont
you say you will when you wont
now youre aluminum smile
it ricochets for three miles
you say you will when you wont
you say you do when you dont
youre saying nothing

- Cause you wont feel the same
- You wont fear no pain
- And you wont feel the same

Cricket Stew Massacre 1748

Written By: Marcus T. Barron

- Baby, I know you love me but don’t want to play more pretend
- You take it to the next level with you over anxious government friend
- While you were lying I was trying to watch the purple elephants grow
- But then a mean capper a real soul snapper, he took my hat he took my gun
- He took it out on to the street
- He shot about ten people I knew, all I saw was flying feet
- And then he turned back to me with blood red in his eyes
- I said mister Mr. please don’t make me break down and cry

- I see them coming those stupid chimps running, they’re running over here but they’re fools
- The plastic dreams of the real mean scheme they’re dress in up and they thing they’re so cool
- The simple notion success from a potion and hoping that the cupid comes out
- But they live in bars becoming porno stars when they just needed some love, that’s what its about

- I think that you know that I let you go to make a new play cause this all goes away
-And when you make a true friend the love never ends until you straight disappear

My Friend

Written By: Marcus T. Barron

- She’s wasted again, my friend she goes out wasted
- My friend she likes to pretend
- She’s hated again, my friend she goes out hating
- My friend she likes to extend, but not anymore

- When I stepped to the left just to check if she would follow, just to see where I had been
- When I searched thru her soul all I found that it was hollow, so then I asked and she said

- She’s naked again, my friend she’s soft when she’s naked
-My friend she likes to suspend from ceilings, a creepy creeping
- She’s wasted again, my friend she goes out wasted
- My friend she likes to pretend, but not anymore

- Huggin and joking drinking and smoking
- Laughing and smiling not getting hostile and
- When everyone is happy anyone is your friend
- Can we get together and do it again

- Huggin and joking trippin and smoking
- Laughing a smiling sitting profile and
- When everyone is in love everyone is your friend
- Lets get together and do it again



album: Lords & Peacocks
released June 2006 independently

album: Sinister Purpose
Release date Feb 4 2008

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Set List

Typical set is 30-45 minutes. We plan the set so there is no let down, mainly songs with good energy, and not to lengthy.

Cricket Stew Massacre
Mr. Sickameantwister
Automatic Sidewalk Action
Curbside Killer
Mint Green
Charles and Oliver
The Geek
Lust Voyage
Catastrophic Mush