sirthom - knight of the lost

sirthom - knight of the lost


Acoustic indie-rock with fantasy overtones. One of the best male vocalists you will EVER hear. Writing epic songs of delusioned adventure. Do you like knights, dragons, and distressed damsels? Then escape to this near by realm where you will never have to deal with the pain of why she's gone...


This is a tale seldom told...


The Demo ep

Set List

Short set (opening act) - I stick with all original songs. Some from my ep and some yet to be recorded.

Full Set (up to 4 hours) - All my original songs and some covers to fill the extra time. But even when I do a cover song, I put my own twist on it (to kinda make it my own). These songs are mostly from the 90's alternative era (Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Alice in Chains, ect...)

I can play upbeat stuff for bars or background music for quieter settings (winery, coffee house, ect.)