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Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF

Richmond, Virginia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop R&B


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Artist/Group Name: The Legacy
Album Title: In A Lifetime
Release Date: 2003

Artist/Group Name: Champyon (Sir Walter Scott)
Album Title: Muscle Music Vol. 1: Stretch Your Mind
Release Date: 2006

1. A Moment of Rhyme
2. The I Love Jesus Song
3. Muscle Music
4. The Apple of My Eye
5. 1 Life 2 live
6. Like Some Soldiers
7. David Said
8. History (Nothin')
9. REVIVALution
10. RichMen (Vee-Ay)

Artist/Group Name: Sir Walter Scott
Album Title: The Code of Chivalry
Release Date: 2008

1. Knight's Honor
2. Chivalry Ain't Dead
3. Amplify!
4. Everybody's Need
5. Rock!
6. The Pavement's Poetry
7. Drummer Boy
8. Choose Your Sword
9. My Fair Lady
10. Face 2 Face
11. The Code of Chivalry
12. What's Good?!
13. We Light
14. The Code of Chivalry (Instrumental)
15. Rock! (Acapella)

Artist/Group Name: Sir Walter Scott
Album Title: LOUDER!!!
Release Date: 2013

1. The Redprint
2. F.I.G.H.T. (Forever In God Having Trust)
3. LeGo (feat T-Rock n' Priceless)
4. Sign Language
5. LOUDER!!! (feat Scott Lane)
6. Gone



"Intense", "provoking", and "real" are all words that can describe Sir Walter Scott, but when’s the last time you heard the word “Powerful” to define an artist? Equipped with multiple creative art forms, he has an uncanny ability to bridge genres and cultures as he maneuvers from Hip-Hop, to R&B, to Gospel, and Rock in one setting.

Maybe being a military B.R.A.T. (Born and Raised with Army Tutelage) aided in this prowess to cross borders, or maybe it's his God-given assignment to be "all things to all men, that some might be saved." Either way, as he moves, he gets the crowd to do the same. It’s from here where you feel his M.O. which is motivation. In his style of ministry and in his music, he drives the crowd to a place they’ve always wanted to go…a place called "purpose".

In 2006, Sir Walter Scott (formerly known as "Champyon") released a heavyweight jewel with his debut solo project, "Muscle Music Vol. 1: Stretch Your Mind". Now armed with his second solo release, "The Code of Chivalry" (2008), under the Independent Label, Supernatural Symphony, people’s lives will truly be provoked to action.

Musically, Sir Walter has had the privilege to open for the likes of The Cross Movement and Canton Jones, and he has production credits for several recordings. He's even been behind the mic as an on-air personality during his stint at WREJ 1540 Rejoice Radio in Richmond, VA. Clerically, he serves full-time as a Youth Pastor and State Youth Director within the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship. He's an energetic, creative teacher with loads of relevant, applicable wisdom to whoever has an ear to hear the good news (married couples, unmarried individuals, youth, the incarcerated, the oppressed, etc.)

Born Sir Walter Scott, III, in Dallas, TX, he became a nomad of the world, after 30 days, through his father's military service. In the years following, Sir Walter has lived and shared the gospel in the city, the "burbs", and overseas. So how does someone with such an eclectic background describe his music and market?

"If you listen to it, it simply reflects life's diversities. I don't bog myself down with trying to fit a certain style. For me, it's more about the message rather than the method. It can be real underground and gutter, it can be deep and worshipful, or it can be R&B and Pop-ish, either way it's all aspects of my life and these experiences are what I try to give to people. My market is, 'whoever likes good music with a positive message'."

With this view there's no limit to his sound, nor the impact he can have as he, "Jericho this music game when you hear the trumpets sound."

Regarding sound, Virginia is known for being a place where musical sounds are revolutionized with the likes of D' Angelo, Timbaland, Missy Elliot, and The Neptunes. Needless to say, VA saved its best for these last days with Sir Walter Scott, the composer, writer, and vocalist in shining armor.

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