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Sis. Karen

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About Sis. Karen

Growing up, all I wanted to be was Whitney Houston, Sade, Phyillis Hyman and Anita Baker all in one with a little Tina Turner thrown in for street credibility. I remember yelling “Saving All My Love for You” (not knowing what it meant until much later in life) at the top of my lungs from my luxurious project balcony. In response I got a hearty “shut-up” from one of my unhappy, unsolicited audience members from the street below but I could not be silenced! Little did I know that that song would ring true in my connection with God. It was only after I re-dedicated my life to God through Jesus Christ that I realized that I had never experienced love at all. Now I’m no longer saving all my love for someone who will not give unconditional love in return but I’m receiving it from God who is love. My purpose is to share God’s love with the world. My life’s work is to worship God in the beauty of holiness through the many talents He has given me as I minister to all people through song, dance, writing and other gifts yet to be revealed.

Although I grew up in a family rooted in the Scriptures and in God’s love I chose to be prodigal and they still loved me. Yes, I believed I loved God but I didn’t want to live all holy and stuff. So, I hit the clubs in and around New York City and became a hip-hop dancer and then became a back up singer for a number of underground bands (so underground only the Earth’s core is acquainted with them!). Then I recorded and performed with Chris Stewart, Eyan Mitchell and Rencie. I was not getting anywhere financially but I was doing it for the love of music. I was just happy to be in the studio or on stage – anywhere. Performing is in my bones. But being in three bands, keeping a full time job and raising my son took its toll. So, I did the next best thing I dropped everything (except my son!) and finished college. One day while writing a school paper I felt so indifferent to everything, so unfulfilled and then in my spirit I heard “I love you”. I knew that was the voice of my Father and Lord. Just like that, no Tuesday night prayer meeting, just me and Him alone in my room so simple but at the same time profound. I hearkened to my Father’s voice that day and never turned back. Then life became really exciting and really challenging.

Now I know for sure that God works all things together for good for me because I love Him and I have been called by Him for His purposes. All of the Scripture my family, Church and fellow believers have instilled in me and all of the musical “school of hard knocks” training and traveling has prepared me to stand up and stand firm in my faith to boldly proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God. I am no longer unfulfilled or indifferent but full of passion for the things of God. As I continue to seek the face of God first, He will continue to give me the desires of my heart which are to bring glory and honor to His name and edify His Church as I minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the arts to many.

God’s blessings be multiplied to you,

Sis. Karen

Sis. Karen