Sista Soul

Sista Soul

 Denver, Colorado, USA

Hip R&B with smooth sultry vocals


Equipped with unbelievable vocal range, Sista Soul has been captivating audiences since the late 90's. Jeannette Cooper and given the name Sista Soul from the extreme irreplaceable emotions embraced with every performance. Soul's inspiration and vocal training was ingrained from singing at church and High school choir. Her masterful songwriting skills and vocals are truly gifts by spiritual intervention. With influences like Anita Baker, Mary J Blidge, and Erykah Badu. This young woman embarks sounds from hip-hop, R& B to Neo-Soul and Jazz infused music.

Sista Soul is also know for her elaborate concert productions and show promotions thru her company House of Soul Live est. 2011. Her latest creation is the debut of her album "Celebration".

With the release of her debut album “Celebration” Soul takes you on her personal journey of love, hurt and overcoming obstacles. Employing the strength in traditional R&B sounds (her spoken lyrics are woven within bass lines with perfection on the opening track “Morning Star”), and she embodies the stage name Sista Soul, showing off the mellifluous notes on “Don’t Let Me Go.” The latter track features a stripped down piano performance and is a standout track on “Celebration.”

Soul continues to inspire her listeners, with songs like “New Day” an uptempo tune that breaks down into a groove encouraging listeners to keep pushing everyday. “All days are not good days but everyday is a blessing. We MUST acknowledge that gift and PUSH ourselves to do better and be better." A soulful album full of substance showcasing Soul's diverse styles within the 8 tracks available on all online outlets. 

Characteristically Sista Soul personifies the love and warmth that brings soul music to the masses in an artful display of vocal expertise outlets.


Sista Soul-Celebration 2017