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The best kept secret in music


"Music Whose Time Has Come"

Veronic'a View

Folami Prescott-Adams. Remember that name. And if the name Prescott sounds a little familiar, it should be, particularly if you live in Los Angeles. Her sister Pat Prescott co-hosts one of the most successful morning smooth jazz radio shows in the country (on KTWV “The Wave” in Los Angeles) with saxophonist Dave Koz.

But that’s not why you should remember her. Remember her because very soon she will be touching down during a 20-city-tour to Introduce you to something bold, something new, something ground breaking, and something whose time has come. It’s the upcoming release other new CD entitled “Come Be With Me.”

Folami classifies her CD as “family” music, a genre that may be new to most of you. And while the target
audience is children, its nothing like Barney and his “I love you, you love me” standard sung in the singsong, whiney twang we’ve all come to know and unashamed-ly love.

Oh contraire mon amie! Her songs are composed of fresh and richly crafted lyrics woven into music that
enlivens the soul and awakens the consciousness of young and old. Folami says she has set out to promote a sense of family, culture, community and pride,”through her music. And she delivers song after song with a solid, soulful soothing and symphonic quality I found reminiscent of a cross between Robert Flax and Jill Scott.

“The content of the music Is for children but the production is funky and contemporary, winch is something everyone can listen to,” said Folami adding that the lyrics are written in a way that motivates, inspires and empowers youngsters through life affirming themes to help them feel good about themselves and their destiny

“Come Be With Me” is actually a labor of her life. For more than thirteen years Folami has been a teacher and an educator in Atlanta. She began writing songs to incorporate into her daily lesson plans as a creative way to foster learning, boost self esteem, cultivate a sense of cultural pride—and she even wrote songs to lull her young 3 to 4-year old students to sleep at nap lime.

She later created songs that were incorporated into the SETCLAE program (Self Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence), an Africentric/multicultural curriculum for grades K-12 which she co-wrote with education consultant and nationally renown author Jawanza Kunjufu, who has written numerous books on die African
American family. Her songs gained national distribution through the SETCLAE Program, and they touched the lives of countless students. The. feedback she received was over-whelming positive.

“It was such an eye opener to see the impact the songs
had on students. They really enjoy teaming through songs,”
said Folami “And 1 found that teachers really liked having
these kinds of resources in the classroom.’”

As an educator and trained community psychologist, her
passion has always been to nurture children. But when some of the most pervasive issues children grapple with today include divorce, violence, war, and incest we have to find new ways to ignite that wide-eye wonder that makes them
receptive to learning, caring and loving. That is why, I believe, “Come Be With Me” is music whose time has come because it does just that.

Lyrics from the title track invite youngsters to, “Come
be with me, we will build a legacy for all the world to see, we’ll build community, and it’s all for the family.” And it really is all for the family, with songs are hip-hop, country, neo soul, jazzy and classical.

I know we are charting uncharted territory with this
music,” said Folami. “But we know that it is ripe and ready.”

Folami says that she and her partners Marvin Harris and
Johnetta Dillard are committed to creating projects to
empower the next generation. And they have visions of
bringing life affirming programming to television to “help
little people deal with big issues.” In fact, the groundwork
is already in process. However in the mean time, her focus will be on her music, which is scheduled to be released in early November. But if you’d like to get a sneak peak, visit It’s a wonderful website will) games and activities for me kids, resource information for parents and educators, and information about her upcoming 20-city-tour.
- LA Sentinel-Veronica Hendrix

"Children's taunts lead to book fair"

February 20, 2004

Samimah Hodge recently moved to the area, and it wasn't long before her daughter came home crying. The girl, who is black, said other children had pointed to her hair and other features they saw as different and said they couldn't be friends.

Hodge's search for a solution led her to spearhead a book fair, which will be Saturday at the Art Museum of South Texas. The fair will feature classic and contemporary books about African-American life and culture and provide a forum for what Hodge hopes will be an ongoing discussion about diversity.
Hodge, a former Head Start teacher, also hopes to use the Internet to revitalize a classic children's tool for forming friendships: the pen pal program.

"All the kids will be invited to come through, put their names in a jar and pull names before they leave," she said. "We want to get kids to start communicating across racial and ethnic lines and come back next year to tell us about the experience."

Folami Prescott-Adams, director of Communities and Schools in Atlanta, will lead a workshop designed to help adults talk to children about race and ethnicity.
"What we do so often is say we don't see color, that when I look at you I'm color blind," Prescott-Adams said. "I don't want that. If you don't see color, you don't see me."

Prescott-Adams also has a flair for reading stories, frequently breaking into song as she reads, and she will perform during the book fair. Her performances include a wide range of books, and she said she hopes the event will encourage others to broaden their reading.

"I hope they will be intrigued to learn more about black history and culture and not go to the library and say, ‘I'm not going to read that because it's not about me,'" she said.
- Corpus Christi Caller Times


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Come Be With Me Sampler 2004
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Feeling a bit camera shy


There’s a new genre on the scene and its taking the nation by storm
It’s called “family music.” A refreshing blend of unpretentious, inspiring, spirited lyrics for the young and young at heart, woven around a cornucopia of rhythms and sounds that make you want to shake your tail feather while you appreciate the richness revelry of life. And it’s much welcomed arrival in this world where innocence and simplicity has been orphaned by the complexities of daily living. Some have called this genre “music whose time has come.”

Introducing Folami Prescott-Adams and “Come Be With Me”
Song writer and educator Dr. Folami Prescott-Adams is in the eye of this amazing storm. Her latest CD entitled, Come Be With Me” is a compilation of fourteen fresh and original songs that not only moves the listener to snap their fingers and tap their feet, this amazing CD raises the social and spiritual consciousness of young and old through its richly crafted lyrics.

The Message in Her Music
Come Be With Me sets out to “promote a sense of family, culture, community and pride,” according to Folami. The lyrics are written in a way that motivates, inspires and empowers youngsters through life affirming themes to help them feel good about themselves and their destiny. Songs such as Good Morning, Take A Nap, Have Fun, History No Mystery, and Straight to the Family.
“Come Be With Me” and “ABC’s of Unity” are sure to be family favorites on road trips and getting ready for school in the morning.
Folami delivers song after song with a solid, soulful, soothing and symphonic quality reminiscent of a cross between Roberta Flack and Jill Scott. While the content of the music is for children, the production is funky and contemporary, which is loads of fun for the entire family with all of its eclectic blend of music with neo soul, hip hop, country, jazz and classical cuts.

New Project in Development
The magic of the awe-inspiring, catchy and entertaining tunes on her CD will permeate her current project, which is under development, of a children’s television show which features the playful and loveable characters “Sunny Sydup (side-up)” and “Silver Lining.” Through songs and prose these two affable girls guide the viewing audience through some of the bumps and bends in life to help little folks deal with big issues, provide messages of hope and lessons of inspiration. They will also traverse those heart felt moments in life as well, things we can sing, laugh and feel good about.

More About Folami
•She is co-founder/president of HomeMade Jamz, a multi-media concern that creates and develops character-oriented consumer products and services for entertainment and education to broadcast outlets, educational systems, and families. Dr. Prescott-Adams also serves as creative director to ensure proper guidance and development of media products, including the family CD series, electronic programming and education materials.

•She has an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Brown University; a Master’s in Educational Administration from Temple University in Philadelphia; and a doctorate of Community Psychology from Georgia State.

•As a professional community psychologist, Dr. Prescott-Adams has and over 20 years in youth programming, curriculum development, program evaluation and school reform. And she has worked with education consultant and nationally renown author Jawanza Kunjufu in co-writing an africentric/multicultural curriculum called SETCLAE Program (Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence) for grades K-12 in which many of her songs have been incorporated.

•Dr. Prescott-Adams serves as assistant director of programs for Communities in Schools (CIS) in Atlanta, whose mission is to connect community resources with schools to help young people learn successfully, remain in school and prepare for constructive, positive living.

•She is the artistic director for ARCH Productions, a theatrical outfit housed at Columbia High School in Decatur, GA.

•She has spent 20 years working in school reform at Georgia State University, the Annenberg Foundation and other metro Atlanta school districts, along with previously directing school-based programs for 100 Black Men of America, Atlanta Chapter, the Morehouse School of Medicine and Time Warner’s CNN Student Bureau.

•Dr. Prescott-Adams, is married, lives in Atlanta, GA and the proud mother of four talented, brilliant children.