Sistah Fiyah

Sistah Fiyah


Gifted, strong, concious reggae lyrics expressed with purity in a melodic tone. Some roots, dancehall and lovers rock. I perform pretty much all styles of reggae and have a powerful and unique voice along with a captivating stage presence. I know how to move a crowd and get them involved.



Sistah Fiyah born Cashonda Coleman July 1, 1973 comes from African and Jamaican parantage. This blend allows her a rich cultural perspective on music and art as a whole. Being raised in the United States has exposed her to a myriad of different music styles including Reggae, Old School Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, and even Classical, all of which have inspired her in some way. An accomplished singer, songwriter, poet, and producer, Sistah Fiyah aka Lioness combines a deep melodic tone with a realistic sense of spirituality. Sistah Fiyah found her niche as a reggae artist after a great uncle Clarence Coleman from Williamsfield Jamaica heard her sing and put on a tape of Lee Scrath Perry riddims. As her love for reggae music grew and grew, she developed an interest in the Ras Tafari faith which gave her the notion to put a more inspirational and political spin on her music. Never abandoning her love for other styles of music she has been able to develop a unique style that is only known as Sistah Fiyah. This mother of five children ranging in age from twenty to two months, enjoys teaching her children culture and music. Sistah Fiyah also has gifted hands as an artist whose paintings express her true inner beauty. In her spare time, Sistah Fiyah enjoys playing acoustic guitar, writing poetry and public speaking to abused women and teenaged mothers. To date Sistah Fiyah's accomplishments include one self produced CD release "Time Fi Bus" in 2005 available at CD Baby on for download on iTunes, several appearences on CD mixes, headline shows in the U.S and abroad and opening act for such artists as Sizzla, Capleton, Beenie Man, Tanto Metro and Devonte, Burning Spear, Sugar Minott, King Yellowman, The Wailers, Everton Blender and more. She has also worked with bands such as Nature's Child, Crucial Fiya and Pure Fiyah. Sistah Fiyah has more than 100 tunes copyrighted and maintained at the Library of Congress in Washington D.C. This artist understands that music is 10% music and 90% business so you can also find her registered at ASCAP under "LionClaw Entertainment" her own publishing company. After browsing the catalog, you may want to contact Sistah Fiyah for written works. Lyrics range in price according to the genre and occasion. If nothing interests you in the ASCAP catalog, contact the artist directly for lyrics that can be written for your specific need. "In a world where slackness is profound, there must be a voice of great reason. A pure voice with a passionate heart, and a soul that breathes LIVING FIRE into everything that I do. Until I have conquered every beast that crosses my path, I will burn an everlasting fire on wickedness until Jah calls I home. Be inspired." -Sistah Fiyah


CD Baby-"Time Fi Bus"
New Release "Pay With Your Life" international airplay and streaming.
"High Grade"-International airplay

Set List

If I perform with a band I will generally do one entire set then return for an encore during either the first or second set. If performing alone I will do up to three sets 3-4 songs per set.