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Sista Kat

Yuba City, California, United States | INDIE

Yuba City, California, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop Reggae


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"reggae reviews"

Sista Kat is a vibrant and exciting new artist from the burgeoning Oneness Sound/Higher Bound collective (see also Biblical) who will likely polarize listeners because of her vocal style. As shown on her debut Inner Strength, she's primarily a rapper, but she will ocassionally switch into a melodic chanting mode, and many of her choruses are sung outright. How much you enjoy her material is likely dependent on how much tolerance you have for rap in your reggae. Personally, I don't care for it, although Sista Kat has solid skills. Her choice to be a rapper, though, is a bit perplexing when you hear her sing so angellically on "Help in Every Stress" and when you hear how viable her sing-songy chanting flow -- something like Dezarie by way of Rickie Lee Jones -- is on tracks like "Carry InI," "Spirit of a Lion," "Keep Cool," and the title track. Unfortunately, most of her singing is reserved for the hooks, rendering cuts like "Love Gone" and "Emaye," which feature outstanding choruses melded with rap verses, up-and-down experiences. My personal taste aside, I'd assume that a traditional singing/chatting flow would be more marketable in the reggae community, but on the other hand, her rapping makes her stand out more (as if being a conscious Caucasian female reggae artist wasn't distinctive enough). Musically, Inner Strength is as vivacious as Sista Kat's vocals, and like her vocals, it's mostly hip-hop-oriented. Aside from "Emaye," only at the end -- the final three tracks, specifically -- does a bit of roots reggae creep in, despite the Rasta-centric lyrical content. When combined with an artist who raps, of course, this brings up the question as to whether or not the material is even reggae. Certainly, it's hard to classify a tune like "7 & 3" as such, but on the whole, I think that the sound of Inner Strength works as an intriguing branch of reggae that earnestly pushes the boundaries of the genre. I just personally wish there was less rapping. But judge for yourself at


"IGrade Records review"

Grass Valley's reggae explosion continues with Sista Kat's highly anticipated release. This album, produced by Ishence, is powerful collection of mystical roots tunes with hard riddims and flowing vocals. Sista Kat easily blends her hip hop flow with a some beautiful rootsy singing. Highly recommended.


"Maui times - pick of the week"

Thanks and Praises

Thursday (Mar. 13) 10 p.m., at Casanova, Makawao

[MUSIC] A Sista Kat show is kind of like a religious reggae experience. With a smooth voice and penetrating beat, Sista Kat captures her audience and spreads a soulful and passionate message of love and peace with her conscious lyrics. Lots of her listeners find spiritual meaning in her smooth sounds—even when she's not singing her devotion to Jah. But mostly this charismatic lady has versatile talent that blends elements of hip-hop, dance floor, jazz and, of course, reggae into sweet harmonies with quick-flowing messages. You'll be devoted to her after just one show when she comes to perform with unique dancehall master and chant artist Biblical. Tickets: $10., 572-0220. [JESSICA ARMSTRONG]
- Maui times

"festival guide-words of empowerment"

Soon to be published in May 2008! - Reggae festival guide


Debut Album "Inner Strength" Higherbound Productions
Singles on True Love's "Knowlege of Self" Natural Order label
songs "Lead the Way" and "Upfull & Bright"
Single on Soul Medic's "Western Cleansing" Jah Kebra Label song title: "manifest"
Sista Kat's debut album "inner strength" has been being played on: KVMW, KVDS, KPFA, KUNR and KGXT chico.



Sista Kat was born in London, U.K. and raised in Philadelphia PA with strong family roots in Kerala, Southern India. She is a compelling reggae vocalist, a profound chanter, a dynamic hip-hop artist on a mission to spread love, consciousness and value of community to the four corners of the earth.

Born to a family of music, Sista Kat carries influences of jazz, reggae, soul and conscious hip-hop into her own music, which makes each song stand out from the next. Inspired by Rastafari, her music is truly for the people, with strictly conscious lyrics and sweet harmonies of praise. Sista KatĂ‚’s unique style and amazing vocal abilities allows her to sing any form of roots reggae, dancehall, hip hop and soul she desires and the crowds show their appreciation every time.

Sista Kat has gained quite a following over the last few years, as she performs locally in the Reno/Tahoe area and beyond, in the San Francisco, Monterey Bay area, Hawaii and the Northwest. Her commanding presence on stage draws the crowds in towards her as they listen to her clear, concise lyrics and feel her passion; they are driven to sway and dance and jump as she moves from paying homage to her mother to tough, quick-flowing words demanding your attention to important human issues. Sista Kat is known to entice people into clubs from the street with her enchantingly smooth voice and penetrating lyrics and soon they too are pressed up against the stage, hand raised high in the air, feeling her fierce power.

Sista Kat's debut album "Inner Strength",released on the Higherbound
Productions label, has hit the masses by storm with uplifting riddims, incredible harmonies and powerful
lyrics. Musically and lyrically in a class all her own, Sista Kat has mastered a unique style, blending hip-hop, jazz, blues and reggae that comes easy to the listening ear. Songs Like 'My sweet Mama' and title track 'Inner Strength' sets the mood to a spiritually uplifting album for all ears to enjoy. She closes the album with 'Carry InI' often referred to as her anthem in reggae music! With renowned reggae guitarist, Tuff Lion, on solo guitar, each track takes the listener on a musical journey. With incredible choruses and great song composition, this album is truly a gem and will remain to be for generations to come.
2010 has already brought Sista Kat to Hawaii twice for studio work and live performances. She has also begun recording for her upcoming album set to release in 2010. In January, she sat on the panel and performed at the 'Passion into Action' conference, hosted by KVMR and other radio stations in the Sacramento area. This was a womens conference that featured progressive women speakers from postions off high power in the world and Sista Kat was asked to be one of them! She spoke and performed for big CEO's and women who had been in congress on womens rights and spirtual upliftment. Sista Kat over the years has created a name for her music and events in Nevada county CA, drawing the masses from young to old. If you are unsure, just ask a local, and they will be sure to know her.
Aside from performing Sista Kat is also the promoter/booking agent/concert coordinator for Oneness-Sound, a production, clothing and artistic freedom company. Oneness-Sound hosts conscious family reggae events in Grass Valley, Nevada City, Lake Tahoe and Sacramento promoting strength in community and family.

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