Sista Six

Sista Six


1 Woman Band with a feel- good time in her Hands! She's a singer, songwriter, and pianist delivering melodic tunes with much passion and fervor.


“I know it’s been a long time coming. Life has takin’ me on an interesting journey that I cannot wait to share. I am conquering my fears, facing myself, and accepting my destiny” says Sista Six, the NC native.
Sista 6 began her quest to sing her way into many of hearts in Greensboro, NC. Inspired by her father an accomplished musician 6 began performing gospel tunes with “The Freeman Four”. Maturing physically, spiritually, and mentally 6 is prepared to express life, reality, and love through song. Gaining popularity in Charlotte’s soul music scene with unique melodies, she released her debute album Equalibrium May 2001. Along with rising popularity Equalibrium was accepted. As a result bookings for prominent venues increased, (insert some performances here) just to name a few. Currently 6 is pouring her heart soul and creative mind into creating her sophomore album. With her hot new single “Call Me” 6 is ready to take her fans’ minds to higher heights.


2000 Equalibrium
2003 Not Today
2006 Unordinary Joe
2009 Caveman

Set List

2-45 sets
Original Soul/Reggae/Hip-Hop Music