Sister Grizzly

Sister Grizzly

 Oakland, California, USA

Hi we're Sister Grizzly. We write songs about the metaphors of moments, the mysticism of women and the transformative power of rock and roll. We also enjoy cheap drinks, high fives and mixed messages.


Sister Grizzly is a rock band from Oakland, CA. Originally founded by singer/guitarist Tom Grigor and drummer Justice Israel, Sister Grizzly independently released an EP, On Nights Light These, as a bombastic rock duo in 2011. In mid-2012, guitarist Jordan Griggs and bassist Eric Mai joined the band and the group immediately began working on a full-length record, Truth & Consequence, that was released in July 2014. After releasing a video for the song Molecules in March 2015, Sister Grizzly is heading back in the studio in July 2015 to begin recording their second full-length record, which is expected to be released in early 2016. 

Throughout the years, Sister Grizzly has cemented their reputation as one of the Bay Area's most beloved live acts, which can be attributed to the band's leave-everything-on-the-stage performances and comedic banter. With their heart pinned firmly to their sleeve, Sister Grizzly guarantee their audiences a pure, unadulterated, visceral rock experience. Don't be afraid to sing along, this is your song.


2011: On Nights Like This (EP)

2014: Truth & Consequence (LP)

Set List

30-60 minute set of all original material.