Sister Chain & Brother John

Sister Chain & Brother John



Looking like Victorian gentlefolk, wielding a distorted guitar and a tambourine, they relate stories of the wicked set and the lovelorn; of teenage daydreams and erotic nightmares, creating what can best be described as Parlour Punk or latter day chamber music.

The duo Sister Chain & Brother John formed in July 2005 when Berlin-based singer Sister Chain (Skin Blues, Spinster Sister) and Brother John Higgins (former frontman of London band Val’s Basement and fly by night producer) met in a mysterious bookshop.

Since that day, Sister Chain and Brother John have played hundreds of concerts in churches, on boats, on street corners in war zones as well as the usual nightclubs, festivals and concert halls. They released their debut album "Darkness to Warm Your Heart" in 2008 and toured in Denmark, Norway, Germany, UK, The Czech Republic, Israel and more. The duo's second album "The Androgyne Show" was released in early 2012.


The Androgyne Show (Album, 2012)
Dwarfhaus Records (Germany) & Sound Of Perpetual Astonishment (Denmark) + Pale Music (Germany) & Rillbar (Denmark)

Darkness To Warm Your Heart (Album, 2008)
Dwarfhaus Records (Germany) + Pale Music (Germany) & Rillbar

What You Shouldn't (EP, 2007)

Set List

One mic for sharing (preferably with some reverb).
Amp(s) for guitar and bass.
A good sound engineer.

If possible also floor tom, crash cymbal and piano. Will allow for a wider range of songs. But if not possible then gigs are still no problem to do.