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Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
Band Country Folk


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"Sister Girl offers up a new album of extraordinary purity"

Sister Girl is offering its fans a new country album of extraordinary purity and grace. Aptly entitled Amazing Things Happen, this 12-song CD is certain to please the band’s many, many fans.

Most — but not all — of the songs are written by Joanne Stacey and Sharlene Foisy with contributions from RSS music teacher Tessa Davis, former Revelstoke resident (and fondly recalled songstress) Abby Pond and Janine Carey-Bourke.

Country music often seems to suffer from bleak or silly caricatures: guys wailing about how they lost their wives or dogs. It’s a bad joke and one that certainly can’t be applied to Sister Girl, though at a first glance of the 12 titles on this album you think that’s what you’re going to get: Truck Driver’s Wife, That’s How I Roll, What’s Left of Me, A Million Years, To Get Me Over You, Amazing Things Happen, Cuddle And a Kiss, Happiness, Tender Bruised-Up Heart, What’s Left of Me, The Letter and When Love Gets a Hold of You.

One of the things I especially enjoyed about his album is its uncomplicated optimism and joy. Yes, there is some melancholy embedded in these songs but your eventual encounter with the basic happiness and simple joy of living apparent in Sister Girl’s music ensures that what you feel inside you is not sorrow or grief but genuine human warmth.

You can experience that same gentle intimacy on Thursday (February 9) when Sister Girl holds their CD release party at The Big Eddy Pub starting at 8 pm. Admission is $10 — a small price to pay for the genuinely good feelings you will experience

The members of Sister Girl are: Joanne Stacey, Janine Carey-Bourke, Stephanie Ballendine, Sharlene Foisy and Russ Brackenbury. Listening to them is a great way to start your day. - The Revelstoke Current by David Rooney

"Sister Girl Receives Honor from!"

Hey, wanted to share this link with you all. We received a nice honor for our Christmas song Alleluia! -

"Sister Girl to Perform Christmas Concert"

By Dean Morrison - Merritt Herald
Published: November 16, 2010 6:00 PM

Joanne Allen (Stacey), is no stranger to Merritt or its music scene.

She will be performing with her band Sister Girl at Iron Mountain Music on Fri. Nov. 26 at 9 p.m. following the Christmas parade.

Allen started singing with her Dad’s band The Country Squires, when she five-years-old, and then she went on to form her own band when she was 20.

“I recorded my first CD when I was 28 and that is why I have the star downtown in front of the post office,” says Allen.

Allen opened up the very first Merritt Mountain Music Festival and played there again three years later.

Her new band Sister Girl was born after work was finished on a musical production in Revelstroke B.C.

Joanne Allen(Stacey), Sharlene Foisy and Janine Carey-Bourke, recognized that the three of them shared a musical connection and decided to continue creating music together-and Sister Girl was born.

A talented and accomplished singer/songwriter in her own right, Allen spearheaded the project with a specific vision in mind.

Looking for flawless harmonies and accomplished musicianship, Allen was confident that she had found this with Foisy and Carey-Bourke.

Their sound has been compared to the Dixie Chicks but Allen doesn’t see too much of a similarity between the two bands.

“We put on a really great show, and have really good harmonies between us girls,” says Allen.

“It is really our harmonies that makes us who we are.”

“We are trying to get ready to record our second CD and we have enough material to do that.”

Allen is looking forward to playing in Merritt at Iron Mountain Music and says the audience will be treated to a special Christmas set as well as a second set of their usual repertoire.

“Friends and family have been bugging me for years to come play Merritt, so I am really looking forward to it,” says Allen.

The event is being promoted by a new non-profit group called M.A.C.H.I.N.E., which stands for musicians assisting community hunger.

M.A.C.H.I.N.E. wants to work with regional and local musicians to continue to offer the community culturally relevant and exciting entertainment. They will do this while also raising money and awareness for the many social agencies in Merritt, trying to ensure no one goes hungry in our community, with an emphasis in assisting the various breakfast and lunch programs at our schools.

Tickets for this event are available at the Chamber of Commerce, Black’s Pharmacy, and the Merritt Herald. - Merritt Herald

"Sister Girl featured in U.S. emerging artists contest"

Revelstoke band Sister Girl has been shortlisted as a regional finalist in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, an annual new song competition that has put many emerging artists on the U.S. national stage for the first time.

Lonesome Rambler is the fourth track on Sister Girl’s recently released their self-titled debut CD. It was written by Joanne Stacey. Contest organizers cited the a cappella track’s “lush four-part harmonies and haunting melodies” when announcing the list of ten Canadian regional finalists.

Sister Girl band members are Joanne Stacey, Sharlene Foisy, Janine Carey-Bourke, Stephanie Ballendine and new percussionist Russ Brackenbury. Former drummer Tessa Davis has departed due to other time commitments.

“We’re pretty excited,” says Stacey upon hearing the news. “I was extremely excited. I’ve been in the music business for quite a few years and I’ve known other people who’ve applied and not been selected and I have a friend [who got in] a couple of years ago and I know how many doors it can open for us.”

Mountain Stage is a West Virginia-based public radio show that is picked up by broadcasters across the U.S. and Canada, including on traditional and satellite radio. They present artists ranging from traditional roots, blues and country, to avant garde rock, world beat, jazz and more. They credit themselves with being the first to give a national audience to acts such as the Barenaked Ladies, Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones and Alison Krauss.

As with almost all popularity contests these days, there is an online voting component in addition to a YouTube video. “We do want everyone to get out there and vote for us,” says Stacey.

The format of the contest is relatively complex, but for practical purposes Sister Girl needs as many votes as they can get to advance past the Canadian regional zone level. Check out their home page at for links to the video and voting. Stacey also encourages anyone interested in news about the band to get on their e-mail list by e-mailing

Stacey says the band has been getting some airplay in B.C. and Canada, and has also been picked up in markets as far away as Australia, New York and the UK.

Sister Girl will be heading to the Canadian Country Music Awards which will be held on Sept. 2 in Vancouver where they’ll take the opportunity to “schmooze” with music industry representatives.
- Revelstoke Times Review

"Sister Girl engineer nominated for a BC Interior Music Award"

Jim LeGuilloux (top), the engineer for Sister Girl's (bottom) self-titled CD, has been nominated for a BC Interior Music Award. The award ceremony is to be held in Kelowna on Nov. 6. Joanne Stacey of Sister Girl sent The Current a web link for fans who'd like to know more about the award. Here it is: - Revelstoke Current

"Sister Girl receiving international attention"

The local band, Sister Girl, is becoming the focus of international recognition for Lonesome Rambler, the fourth cut from their recently released debut CD, Sister Girl.

“This is a real feather in our cap,” said Joanne Stacey, the band member who wrote the acapella song which has been selected by the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest for its composition, lush four-part harmonies and haunting melody.

The singer/songwriter said in an interview today that winning the contest could “open doors” for the band in terms of music publishing, big concert engagements and recording contracts. Sister Girl is the only act selected from British Columbia this year. Band members Joanne Stacey, Sharlene Foisy, Janine Carey-Bourke, Stephanie Ballendine and Russ Brackenbury are delighted by the honour, she said.

“It’s a real prestige thing,” she said. “Who knows what can happen? We’re quite different from everyone else.”

Of course, it’s a competition. The band uploaded a video of one of their performances of the song, which you can watch at the NewSong website, listed below. And the band is up against nine other competitors from Canada and 51 from the U.S. The winners of the first round of cuts will be announced Sept. 10 and 12e international finalists will be selected on Oct. 10. The final five contestants will sing on stage in Charleston, West Virginia, on Oct. 11.

Now in its eighth year, the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest is one of North America’s premier showcases of performing songwriters across all genres of music. The contest promoters are interested in finding, promoting and working with the most talented songwriters who perform their own songs, regardless of style.

Mountain Stage presents acts ranging from traditional roots, blues and country, to avantgarde rock, world beat, jazz and more. The show’s guest list is the most stylistically varied of any national radio or television performance program. It has showcased over two thousand artists since 1983. The short list of those who have made their national debut on the show include the Barenaked Ladies, Ryan Adams, Sheryl Crow, Norah Jones and Alison Krauss.

In addition to the official winner there will be a “People’s Choice” award for each region based on popular vote through their Website:

You can listen to Sister Girl’s music on and the CD is available for purchase on
- The Revelstoke Current

"Sister Girl CD Review"

If the Dixie Chicks lived in Canada and added a man to their roster, you’d end up with Sister Girl. Sister Girl’s self-titled album is full of energy, soul and authenticity. The mix of country, bluegrass and even a little blues gives Sister Girl their signature sound.

One thing the listener is sure to notice right away is the awesome harmonies this group creates. These are the kind of vocals that can give you chills (in a good way, of course!).

I was also very impressed at the dynamics between songs on this album. No two songs sound just alike so this album has no problem catching and keeping your attention. The instrumentation used is perfect for each song. Sister Girl is very good at keeping energy levels up and, when they do fall, the void is filled in with boundless emotion.

Overall, this CD is great for all fans of country, bluegrass and folk. Sister Girl is very good at what they do and deserve all the attention they can get!

4.5 out of 5 stars

You can learn more about Sister Girl at - JB Swift - Swift Reviews

"See Ya Later, Sister Girl"

By Kendall Walters - Kamloops This Week
Published: July 07, 2010 4:00 PM
Updated: July 07, 2010 4:50 PM

Sister Girl started with three women and a play — now, the five-person band thrives on coffeehouse performances and songs written in the shower.

Joanne Stacey, Sharlene Foisy and Janine Carey-Bourke were working together on a musical in Revelstoke.

When the play run finished, they decided to keep working together.

“The name came from a catchphrase in a play,” Stacey said. “See ya later, sister girl.”

Now, three years later, plus a couple of members — Stephanie Ballendine and Russ Brackenbury — the group is playing festivals and hearing their songs on the radio.

Though Mercy Me is the tune most likely to be heard on the airwaves, Stacey said she has a soft spot for Lonesome Rambler, a song she penned herself.

“It has a really cool story,” she said.

“It actually happened when I was in the shower, so I had to get out of the shower and write it down.”

The band’s sound is a unique blend of guitar, mandolin, violin, banjo, piano, harmonica, drums and folksy vocals with the focus is on solid musicianship and sweet, flawless harmonies.

“My favourite part of performing is just losing myself in the music and hearing the harmonies and just

connecting with the audience,” Stacey


They play some festivals, but their favourite venues are coffeehouses.

“It’s really rewarding for us,” Stacey said.

“People really are there to hear you.”

They haven’t played Kamloops before, but are excited about the opportunity.

“We’ve been on the radio in Kamloops,” Stacey said.

“We’re hoping we’ll be able to get Kamloops hopping and having a good time. They should expect to be tapping their toes and saying yee haw.”

Sister Girl performs at a free concert Sunday, July 11 at Riverside Park as part of the summer Music in the Park series. - Kamloops This Week

"Sister Girl: Artist of the week"

Sister Girl is four women and one man, blending heavenly choir harmonies and road house country/rock. Their self-titled debut offers voices, voices and voices riding over the mix of acoustic and electric Americana from Revelstoke, British Columbia. The music on the album frames the songs and story lines. Sister Girl aural combinations feel like an extension of the songs that carry them. There are good harmonies in the world, lots of them. What separates here is the ability of the voices to come in and out with such an intuitive tones. If there is structure, it is created with an ease that makes the results feel spontaneous. It is wind in the trees, leaves rustling, streams running, that kind of natural.
Sister Girl’s three original sisters met while working on a musical production. Joanne Stacey, Sharlene Foisy and Janine Carey-Bourke immediately knew they could create a something. The production went dark and the light of Sister Girl was born. The group proved to be the perfect vehicle for Joanne’s songs. The album is filled with mostly Stacey originals with Sharlene contributing two songs and the three coming together to pen the title track. The energy and honesty of these voices gives the songs a live feel and an authenticity tough to build, it is a thing born of nature.
- The Alternate Root, Danny McCloskey


Sister Girl
Released in July 2009
A compilation of 10 songs written and produced by Sister Girl at Tree Fort Studios, Kelowna, BC.

Amazing Things Happen
Released January 1, 2012
12 Original songs written by Sister Girl, produced by David Essig at Watershed Studios, Protection Island, BC.



Joanne Stacey knows talent when she sees it! While working as the musical director for a local show, she heard Sharlene Foisy and Janine Carey-Bourke sing and wondered if they'd be interested in forming a band. By the end of the production, Sister Girl was born. Adding Stephanie Ballendine and Mr. Sister, Russ Brackenbury on drums, Sister Girl recently released their second CD, Amazing Things Happen. Joanne's hunch was right and it's proving to be a winning combination.
A talented and accomplished singer/songwriter in her own right, Joanne knew that flawless soaring harmonies and strong musicianship were the best ways to get her songs out into the market. Her past credits include 2 solo CDs with radio airplay all over the world and two performances at the Merritt Mountain Music Festival which garnered her a star on Merritt's "Walk of Stars". She has shared the stage with many US and Canadian folk and country artists, such as Roy Forbes, Bill Henderson, Shari Ulrich, Mae Moore and David Essig. With deep musical roots, Joanne has the passion and drive to succeed at whatever musical path she takes.
Sharing the lead vocalist spot with Joanne, Sharlene Foisy has proven to be a talented musician and songwriter, bringing her own style to the band. With past success in local cover bands, Sharlene and Janine Carey-Bourke have been playing music together for years. Though an accomplished pianist, Janine prefers to play bass guitar, adding her pure vocal harmonies to the mix. Stephanie Ballendine adds flavour with her resonant voice, and plays a variety of instruments, from banjo, guitar, harmonica to keyboards. Russ Brackenbury lends his sultry vocals to most songs and plays drums.
It's not just the musicianship that makes this band. It's the vocal harmonies. A cut from their first CD, “Lonesome Rambler”, a lovely a'cappella song written by Joanne, earned Sister Girl a finalist spot in the Mountain Stage NewSong Contest in 2009 as well as an honourable mention by the Billboard Song Contest. “Mercy Me” was released to Canadian country radio in 2009 and “It's a Lonely Place”, to the European market through North County Records, earning them the #2 spot on the European country charts in Austria.
Their new CD, Amazing Things Happen, was produced and recorded by the legendary, David Essig. The songs penned by Joanne and Sharlene are captivating and singable. You can't help but tap your toes!
Sister Girl is the real thing, with beautiful harmonies and a vibrant hometown feel.