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"Darkness In The Sunshine State"

"Can we dim the lights? I want it to look like death up here!" Raven howls into the microphone. As the lights fade from a brilliant red to an ominous green and then further down the spectrum to a dim purple, Sister Kill Cycle had begun playing a song that I witnessed the birth of. "A Cold Dark Place" started slowly, almost as a funeral dirge would. As the fog and cigerette smoke ascended the stage, the audience realized almost at once that this wasn't a song that someone could mosh to and a quiet hush fell over most of the room. Drums bass and keys went swirling round and round in a melody that could almost speak by itself. Slowly, as the crowd and the band got into rhythm together, everyone started swaying and moving to the beat. Like a stroke of lightning from a summer storm, a guitar riff pierced the trance like mood and began accentuating the song almost erotically. I have never seen a song captivate an audience so totally and completely. Upon closing my eyes I thought at once of the quiet place in the back of my mind where I often go merely to think or create. "A Cold Dark Place" is one of those songs that make me feel cold and angry, yet I could easily see two lovers embracing in a candlelit room. - Machine Noize -Tampa, FL

"The Most Dangerous Band In The World"

Some have described Sister Kill Cycle as "The Most Dangerous Band In The World" and for good reason. Their stage presence is more like a battle from a war then simply a rock performance.

With more passion and love for performing then most bands, SKC exceed today's standards for a live show.

"Describing the band's music is kind of hit and miss", Chain said. "Some might say we are a hard rock band while others have described us as industrial. Our show brings a lot of big Broadway type production combined with a going to war kind of attitude. There is a lot of passion and aggression when we are on stage because we want to give people a real show and not just another concert. We want to give them something they will remember". - Mark Beyer - Suncoast News Tampa, FL


Massacre The Guilty



Sister Kill Cycle has stirred interest all over the United States with their psychotic stage performance and presence. Defined as "Industrial Hard Rock" that is powerful, dark, and sexy. The band’s 2002 debut release received airplay on commercial and college radio stations across the country & Europe, landing them a slot on the Locobazooka tour with such bands as Sevendust, Filter, Non-Point, & Mushroomhead.

After relocating to Florida, 2004 saw the release of "Massacre The Guilty," with the new lineup in Tampa revealing a more distinctive & sophisticated sound. "…Guilty" was mixed by Chris Telkes(Nocturne), & mastered by Trace(producer for NIN, Ministry) & Sara Lee Lucas(Marilyn Manson, Nocturne, Elektro-Shock Therapy) at their Masterlab facility in Orlando. The release captured the attention of both critics & fans alike, landing the band top spots on internet charts, including the Florida charts for most views, plays, & highest ratings on for May 2004.

SKC has grown considerably over the last 2 years, playing shows & events all over the country with such acts as Arch Enemy, Bile, Cradle Of Filth, The Cruxshadows, The Genitorturers, KMFDM, The Last Dance, Nocturne, Projekt 44, & Prong, & won Best Hard Rock Artist at The Hard Music Awards, a Florida-wide competition. Through this visibility, the band received initial endorsement deals from Hot Picks, Halo Guitars, & Floyd Rose. After their performance at the NAMM 2006 Coffin Case showcase, the band has gained endorsements with several manufacturers, including BC Rich, Coffin Case, Crate, Ampeg, Nord, Ensoniq, ddrum, Factory Metal Percussion, Fernandes, EMG, Sennheiser, RET Percussion, Old Dog Products, Draven Shoes, & Hosa Cables. Most of the material performed at this showcase was from the band’s upcoming CD, "The Lost & The Damned," for which SKC has begun recording sessions, & expects to release soon after their appearance at the Monster Energy Showcase at SXSW this March…